Illegal Casino Busted in Gujarat: 25 Gamblers, Including Foreigners, Arrested in Kadi’s Vekra Village

Information about a high-profile racket operating in a farmhouse on Kalyanpura Road in Kadī taluka had reached the ears of the local police. The police formed separate teams and conducted a raid on the premises of the racket, which was involved in the illegal modification of luxury vehicles. During the raid on the racket’s premises, the police seized several expensive cars. The raid conducted by the police on the racket’s premises caused chaos among the operators. The police swiftly apprehended 25 individuals involved in the racket, including two foreign women engaged in the illegal modifications. Additionally, they confiscated cash amounts exceeding 67 lakhs as evidence and proceeded with legal action. Several plastic coins used in casinos were also recovered during the raid.

The police conducted a raid on a high-profile racket operating in a farmhouse located on Kalyanpura Road in Kadī. The staff of the Bāvalu police station had been patrolling in vehicles the previous night when they received information about illegal activities taking place in the farmhouse situated within the jurisdiction of the village of Vekara. This farmhouse, where the racket was being run, belonged to Sanjay Kantilal Patel, a resident of the Raj Residence Society in Kadī. Acting on this information, the police personnel from the Bāvalu station, along with private and government vehicles, reached the farmhouse situated within the jurisdiction of the village of Vekara and conducted a raid on the premises where the racket was operating.

During the raid conducted by the police, several high-profile rackets were discovered operating at the farmhouse. The police came to know during the raid that high-profile illegal activities were ongoing at the location. In addition to this, a fleet of cars, including vehicles like the Hyundai i-20, Ford Fusion, BMW, Hyundai i-10, Swift, and Access, caught the attention of the police. Furthermore, two foreign women were found participating in the illegal activities. The Bāvalu police swiftly took action by raiding the premises of the high-profile racket, causing chaos among the racketeers. As a result of the raid, expensive cars, mobile phones, and a total of Rs. 67,64,180 in cash were seized, and charges were filed against all those involved in the criminal activities.

During the raid, the following individuals were caught red-handed by the police:

  • Sanjay Kantibhai Patel (residing in Kadi)
  • Dineshbhai Patel (residing in Kadi)
  • Krinal Mahendrabhai Patel (residing in Kadi)
  • Ronak Rajnikantbhai Patel (residing in Kanjari Taluka, Kadi)
  • Shaileshbhai Ladhubhai Rathvi (residing in Adariyana Taluka, Patdi)
  • Manubhai Uddhabhai Jhala (residing in Harij)
  • Jignesh Natvarbhai Patel (residing in Lakshmanpura Taluka, Kadi)
  • Maulik Dalpatbhai Prajapati (residing in Sher Taluka, Mandal)
  • Pankaj Manubhai Patel (residing in Chandlodiya, Ahmedabad)
  • Bipin Narayanbhai Patel (residing in Ghatlodiya, Ahmedabad)
  • Darshan Girishbhai Patel (residing in Chaloda Taluka, Dholka)
  • Rakesh Rameshbhai Patel (residing in Chaloda Taluka, Dholka)
  • Mukesh Vitthalbhai Patel (residing in Adundra Taluka, Kadi)
  • Narendrabhai Ratilal Patel (residing in Kadi)
  • Manish Amritbhai Patel (residing in Kadi)
  • Vijaysinh Dasharathsinh Solanki (residing in Modasar Taluka, Sanand)
  • Hira Lebabhai Thakor (residing in Subapura Taluka, Shankheshwar)
  • Dhiru Hathibhai Bharwad (residing in Nayakpura Taluka, Mandal)
  • Ajay Singh Vanrajsinh Vaghela (residing in Manapura Taluka, Mandal)
  • Dilip Amarsang Rathva (residing in Vadgam District, Surendranagar)
  • Ganesh Vashrambhai Rathva (residing in Vadgam District, Surendranagar)
  • Kaushal Maneklal Patel (residing in Vadgam District, Surendranagar)
  • Sethurya Fuchan alias Garima Keshav Mangal Sunar (originally from Old Goa, residing in Kathmandu, Nepal)
  • Vidya Harib Hadur Lallabadur (originally from West New Delhi, residing in Kathmandu, Nepal)
  • Ramesh Tribhuvanbhai Patel (residing in Vekara Taluka, Kadi)
  • Chetan Tribhuvanbhai Patel (residing in Vekara Taluka, Kadi)

The police swiftly apprehended all the individuals involved in the illegal activities. Additionally, Praveen alias Bhopo Govindbhai Patel (residing in Kunpura Taluka, Mandal) and Rajuji Thakor (residing in Varkhadiya Taluka, Kadi), who were involved in the illicit activities, managed to flee the scene but were pursued by the police with great agility.

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