Police Constable Dies of Heart Attack in Gandhinagar: Activa Collapses While Heading for Repairs

The unexpected demise of a 30-year-old constable, while on duty at the Gandhi Nagar Women’s Police Headquarters, has plunged the police force into mourning once again. While actively engaged in repairing equipment in the garage near Sector-28, the constable suddenly suffered a heart attack. He collapsed on the spot and was immediately rushed to the nearby civil hospital. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the medical staff, he was declared dead. The police have initiated necessary legal proceedings regarding this incident.

Jeetendrabhai Babubhai Patel (Chaudhari), residing with his family in the police quarters of Sector-28 in Gandhinagar, succumbed to a sudden heart attack. Today, in the afternoon, while taking medication for his eyes, he suddenly collapsed.

At that time, while machinery was being repaired due to a technical fault in Sector-28 near the garden, Jeetendrabhai was taken to the nearby small garage for repairing the machinery. During this time, he was sitting with his companions in the shed. Suddenly, Jeetendrabhai experienced chest pain and discomfort.

Haji Kishorbhai had already collapsed in shock when Jeetendrabhai collapsed in the shed. People around rushed to the scene. Later, Jeetendrabhai was taken to Gandhi Nagar Civil Hospital via 108 ambulance. There, the doctor on duty declared Jeetendrabhai dead. Upon receiving this information, Sector-21 police reached the hospital and initiated necessary procedures.

Niyati Rao

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