Plight of Incarcerated Sailors: 270 Stranded in Prison, Some Battling Heart Disease, Unattended and Unheard

In a heart-wrenching development, the family of Bhupatbhai Babubhai Solanki, a resident of Paldi village in Una, Gujarat, received distressing news through a letter from Karachi Central Jail, where he has been detained for the past 28 months. The letter brings to light the dire situation faced by Indian fishermen imprisoned in Pakistan, where they are subjected to brutal treatment and denied proper care. 

Adding to the anguish, Bhupatbhai’s family mourns the loss of their relative, Vinodbhai, a fellow fisherman who passed away on March 17, 2024, due to illness while in custody. Despite repeated appeals, the authorities have failed to provide adequate support to Bhupatbhai and his compatriots. 

In a plea addressed to Indian government officials, including the Minister of Fisheries and concerned authorities, Kamleshbhai Solanki, a member of the Paldi village panchayat, has implored for urgent intervention to secure the release of the 270 fishermen languishing in Pakistani jails and ensure proper medical treatment for those who are ailing. 

The community stands united in their call for justice and compassion for their incarcerated brethren, urging swift action to alleviate their suffering.

Plight of Bhupatbhai’s Family due to his Illness in Jail

Recently, Bhupatbhai, who has been incarcerated for the past 28 months, informed his family, particularly his brother Vanrajbhai, through a letter about the deteriorating conditions in prison. He explicitly mentioned the increasing incidents of cardiac arrests and the lack of timely medical assistance, leading to fatalities among inmates. 

Fearful for their lives, the fishermen have been enduring immense suffering, yet they refrain from expressing concerns to the boat owners, fearing prolonged captivity if they are released. Consequently, they continue to endure hardships, with no respite in sight.

Immediate Relief Sought for Fishermen: Urgent Appeal for Healthcare

Families of the fishermen are urgently appealing to the Ministry of Fisheries and the Veraval, Jafrabad Court for immediate arrangements to be made for the fishermen’s welfare. They demand that detailed information about the fishermen, currently imprisoned, be provided to the Central Government’s Fisheries Department and the Foreign Ministry. 

Specifically, they urge for the prompt release of 270 fishermen from jail and for those suffering from illnesses in prison to be immediately transferred to hospitals for proper medical care. Concerns expressed by the families underscore the pressing need for swift action to alleviate the plight of the fishermen and ensure their well-being.

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