Indonesia Volcano Erupts, Tsunami Alert: 5 Blasts in 24 Hours; Rescues 11K, Airport Shut

The occurrence of continuous volcanic eruptions at Mount Ruang in Indonesia has caused concerns. There have been eruptions five times in 24 hours. Approximately 11,000 people living in the surrounding areas of Ruang have been evacuated to safe locations.

Airport Closed, Tsunami Warning Issued

Disaster management authorities have ordered the closure of the airport for the next 24 hours due to the eruptions and to issue a tsunami warning. According to Al Jazeera, the first eruption at Mount Ruang occurred on Tuesday night (April 16) at 9:45 PM.

Two Eruptions Due to Earthquake

The disaster management center in Indonesia is on alert mode. Officials state that two earthquakes have occurred near Mount Ruang recently, causing instability in tectonic plates leading to volcanic eruptions.

Evacuation and Warning Level

Officials have deployed 20 rescuers to save people. According to Al Jazeera, Indonesia’s volcano agency has issued a level 4 warning. Additionally, an exclusion zone of 6 kilometers near the volcano has been declared.

120 Active Volcanoes in Indonesia

The Geological Agency of Indonesia stated, “The ash cloud after the eruption of Mount Ruang rose to a height of 2 kilometers above sea level initially. After subsequent eruptions, this height increased to 2.5 kilometers.” According to Al Jazeera, Indonesia lies within the “Ring of Fire” area and has 120 active volcanoes.

Flight Cancellations and Impact

All flights have been canceled at the Ratulangi International Airport. Flights from China, Singapore, and South Korea have been affected. The impact of the volcano has also been felt in neighboring Malaysia, with many flights diverted from the Kinabalu International Airport.

Tsunami in 2018

In previous years, in December, there was an eruption in Mount Krakatoa in Indonesia, resulting in a tsunami. It hit the coasts of Sumatra and Java, claiming 430 lives when parts of the mountain collapsed into the sea, causing a high tide.

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