Harrowing Moments: Two IPS Officers Trapped in Abduction Case – DGP Assures Evidence Gathering in Progress, Arrests Likely

The Gujarat police force is currently embroiled in numerous controversies, with allegations extending even to police officers and now, two IPS officers, Bhavna Patel and Jeevi Barot, are facing complaints. In such circumstances, questions abound regarding the direction of the investigation and the potential course of action. The state police department, under the leadership of Vikas Sahay, has acknowledged ongoing inquiries, emphasizing the prevalence of ongoing investigations. 

Moreover, standard procedures are being followed in probing allegations against accused individuals, with the possibility of legal action as necessary. On another front, investigations into complaints, including those involving IPS officers and other police personnel, have escalated in recent times. The developments highlight the heightened scrutiny and accountability within the Gujarat police force amidst the unfolding controversies.

Possibility of an IPS Officer’s Arrest After 17 Years: The Complexities of Gujarat’s Policing Controversies

The investigation into the Sohrabuddin encounter case of 2006-2007 involving Gujarat Police personnel, among others, is resurfacing after 17 years, potentially leading to the arrest of another IPS officer. During this comprehensive inquiry, the police were investigating police, and this practice persists in Gujarat today, particularly amidst recent developments. 

Police officers, including Bhavna Patel and Jeevi Barot, face complaints following Supreme Court directives regarding the abduction case of Paramjit Shirvani, along with other individuals. This ongoing scrutiny extends to officers involved in the Sohrabuddin encounter, where the CID had previously conducted investigations and continues to do so.

Following the registration of complaints against two IPS officers and other police personnel, questions arise regarding the subsequent actions. In response to queries directed to Vikas Sahay, head of the state police, it was disclosed that the situation has been noted as serious, and investigations are underway to compile evidence for a thorough examination. 

The investigative process mirrors that of any other complaint, where individuals accused face scrutiny, potentially leading to arrests based on the gravity of the allegations. The investigation is currently ongoing, unfolding against the backdrop of intricate interdepartmental dynamics within Gujarat’s law enforcement landscape.

The Complete Story Unfolds: Paramjit Shirvani’s Ordeal

In 2011, Paramjit Shirvani secured a job at Electrotherm company. However, he resigned after the company refused his resignation request. The company’s owners, trusting the complainant, persuaded him to come to Ahmedabad, hoping to resolve the issue amicably. During this time, some company personnel kidnapped him at gunpoint. Later, he was kept confined in the company’s bungalow, office, and farmhouse. 

He was also subjected to physical assault. Subsequently, under coercion from the complainant and a woman, he was forced to sign blank papers and transfer property. He was also compelled to pay Rs. 20 lakh in cash and surrender gold worth Rs. 10 lakh under duress. Moreover, threats of violence coerced him into relinquishing another Rs. 10 lakh.

3 DySPs and 1 PI, including IPS Bhavna Patel, Continuously Submitting Closing Reports

Since 2015, a comprehensive case involving allegations of abduction and extortion has been under investigation. However, despite consistent efforts from former Kutch-Gandhidham ASP, IPS J.V. Barot, IPS Bhavnaben R. Patel, along with three Deputy SPs D.S. Vaghela, Vijay Gadvi, and R.D. Desai, and Police Inspector M.K. Chauhan, no concrete conclusions have been reached. They have been consistently submitting closing reports but have not been able to bring the case to a resolution.

Police Officials Saved, Names Not Disclosed in Press Briefings

In the ongoing case, both Shailesh Bhandari and his team play as significant a role as the police officials. However, despite the adverse effects that could arise from the investigation by the CID Crime, names have not been disclosed under various pretexts. The case has been ongoing since 2015. 

The complainant took the case from the police station to the Gandhidham ASP office, the Gandhinagar DGP office, and the Gujarat High Court, ultimately reaching the Supreme Court’s steps. At that time, the seriousness of the case was not recognized by the police. However, now that the court’s orders are at play, police officials are required to register the complaint. As a result, the Bhuj CID Crime is now treating the case with the seriousness it deserves.

DGP Shivanand Jha Forms SIT, Officers Yet to File Closing Report

Despite the formation of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) under DGP Shivanand Jha, no officer, including Deputy SP R.D. Desai, had filed any incriminating evidence against Shailesh Bhandari, allegedly involved in the electrothermal company scandal.

Allegations of Harassment against IPS Officer J.V. Barot

As a former Superintendent of Police in Kutch, IPS Officer J.V. Barot faced accusations of harassment from a female Police Sub-Inspector (PSI). While serving in Gandhidham, an incident involving alleged harassment by a female police sub-inspector came to light. Despite the allegations, the court ruled in favor of Barot, declaring him innocent. 

Similar complaints against other police officers, including the then Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) Dhananjay Vaghela, alias D.S. Vaghela, were also reported in Anjar. Multiple complaints were lodged, yet Vaghela continued to serve in his official capacity for a prolonged period. Additionally, the tenures of Vijay Gadvi and M.K. Chauhan were marked by controversy, further complicating the situation.

Complaint against Whom?

The complaint involves various individuals:

  • Shailesh Bhandari, owner of Electrotherm Company.
  • Anurag Mukesh Bhandari, owner of Electrotherm Company.
  • Sanjay Joshi, HR General Manager.
  • Baldev Raval, Security Incharge, Ahmedabad.
  • Amit Patvariya, Ahmedabad.
  • Hitesh Soni, Ahmedabad.
  • Shridhar Mulchandani, Ahmedabad.
  • Anil Dwivedi, Vadodara.
  • Bankat Somani, Ahmedabad.
  • Mahendra Patira, South Bopal.
  • Pavan Gaur, South Bopal.
  • Shivam Poddar, Gandhidham.
  • 6 security personnel of ETE company, Ahmedabad.
  • Former PSI N.K. Chauhan.
  • Former DYSP V.J. Gadvi.
  • Former DYSP D.S. Vaghela.
  • Former DYSP R.D. Desai.
  • Former SP J.V. Barot.
  • Former SP Bhavanaben Patel.

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