Israel Embassy Supports India Amid #What’sWrongWithIndia Trend

In recent days, the hashtag #WhatsWrongWithIndia has been trending on social media platform X, aiming to tarnish India’s image. Foreign users along with some Indian users are sharing videos depicting incidents like rape and looting, associating them with India.

According to media reports, X’s algorithm is designed to promote posts with #WhatsWrongWithIndia more, which leads to increased visibility. When Indian users became aware of this, they started sharing videos and articles related to incidents from other countries using this hashtag, to provide context.

The Embassy of Israel has also posted in support of India. Videos and articles have highlighted that such incidents don’t only occur in India but also in countries like the USA and UK. Recently, the Israeli embassy in India posted a video in support of India, praising its achievements in various fields like space exploration, tourism, and culinary delights.

The Indian government has also joined in with this hashtag. Indian users and the Israeli embassy collaborated with the Indian government to post on various platforms. The government shared screenshots of news articles related to India’s accomplishments on the MyGovIndia X handle. Is #WhatsWrongWithIndia justifiable?

India has drastically reduced extreme poverty: International Monetary Fund

India has become the first country to reach the South Pole of the Moon

India’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ is the fastest-growing economy: IMF

India stakes global claim; nearly a dozen countries are preparing to implement India’s digital infrastructure…

Recently, allegations of government censorship have been leveled against the X administration.

Recently, X accused the Indian government of government censorship. According to the Global Government Affairs account, the Indian government has issued executive orders instructing X to take down some accounts and posts. Failure to comply can result in fines and imprisonment. In compliance with these orders, we have only blocked it in India; however, we disagree and believe that everyone should have the freedom of expression.

An appeal against the government’s blocking orders is currently pending. We also inform our users according to our policies. Due to legal restrictions, we are unable to publish executive orders, but we believe that transparency dictates that they should be made public.

What is an Algorithm?

An algorithm is a system of each website, each platform, which determines exactly what will be seen when, where, and how much. What will be shown on the homepage? Many times platforms curate a lot of things to see, this curation is done by the algorithm.

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