Jammu-Tawi Train Halted Amid Bomb Threat: Ahmedabad Control Reacts Swiftly to Hoax Call, Origin Traced to Suicidal Man in Jodhpur

Explosive Found in Jammu-Tavi Train in Ahmedabad Control

An incident unfolded at the Ahmedabad railway control when there was information that there might be a bomb in the Jammu-Tavi train. The train, which had originated from Ahmedabad, was headed towards Mahesana. As a precautionary measure, the Railway Police Agency, along with local police at Mahesana, stopped the Jammu-Tavi train for a thorough check, which lasted for about two hours. No explosive material was found on the train. A suspicious bag in one of the compartments was quickly traced to its owner, Isam, who had inadvertently left behind a parcel in a box. The police handled the situation promptly after Isam was contacted by phone.

The reason behind Isam’s peculiar actions was related to his distressed financial situation, and he had traveled on the train with the intent to commit suicide. After his failed attempt, he found himself back on the platform. Between the platforms, while the train was passing, he tried to contact Ahmedabad control, suspecting there might be a bomb on the train. This led to a prompt response from the railway police.

The incident took place on a train that was bound for Jodhpur and had been residing at the Isanpur station in Ahmedabad for the past three months. Amit Singh, originally from Rajasthan but residing in Isanpur, had boarded the Jammu-Tavi train to Jodhpur, and he was on the platform after a similar unsuccessful attempt. During the train’s passage, he again remained on the platform, attempting to stop his train, leading him to contact Ahmedabad control, suspecting a bomb on the train. The situation was resolved without any explosive material being found on the train.

Police Conduct Full Train Inspection After Bomb Threat in Ahmedabad Control

The entire incident involving a suspected bomb in the Jammu-Tavi train at Ahmedabad Railway Control led to a comprehensive inspection by the Railway Police and local police teams at Mahesana. The thorough check, lasting about two hours, concluded with no explosive material found on the train.

During the inspection, a suspicious bag and parcel were discovered on the train, which prompted the police to cross-verify the contents. The police traced the owner of the parcel through the contact number on the parcel, and the situation was swiftly resolved after confirming the nature of the items.

Additionally, the police disclosed that a phone call was received at 11:30 AM at Ahmedabad City Control, reporting a potential bomb in the Jammu-Tavi Express train. Various agencies collaborated in the investigation, including Mahesana district police, GRP Railway, and RPF teams. The train, arriving at Mahesana, was immediately stopped for a detailed inspection.

Passenger Issuing Bomb Threat Traced; Ahmedabad-Mehsana Train Safe

After receiving a bomb threat call, the individual responsible for spreading the false information was traced and apprehended by the police. The phone number associated with the threat was used to trace the location to Mehsana.

During the investigation, a bag seized by the police, initially suspected to be related to the threat, contained an address and phone number. Through further verification, the police identified the bag owner as Isam, the person who had made the bomb threat call.

Once located, Isam was taken into custody, and it was revealed that he had boarded another train heading towards Mehsana after issuing the threat at Ahmedabad Railway Station. The police used WhatsApp to quickly obtain a photo of Isam based on the identified phone number.

Amit Singh, a resident of Isanpur in Ahmedabad, originally from Rajasthan, had been facing financial difficulties for the last three months. According to his statement to the police, due to economic hardship, he boarded the Jammu-Tavi train and headed to Jodhpur, where he committed suicide. During the investigation, a suicide note was found along with a liquor bottle from the parcel received in the train.

Amit Singh’s mental health was reportedly not stable, leading to him being sent for primary psychiatric care. The incident will be further examined, with more in-depth investigations likely to be carried out by the Ahmedabad Railway Station and local police. All railway and local authorities took prompt action to save Amit Singh from an accident during the incident.

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