Team India’s 2024 Cricket Schedule Beyond IPL and World Cup: Complete Fixture Details

In the opening month of the new year, Team India is gearing up for an action-packed schedule, featuring a Test match against South Africa and a three-match T20 series against Afghanistan in January. The cricketing excitement doesn’t stop there; the Indian cricket team is set to embark on a challenging journey throughout 2024. 

In addition to their participation in the highly anticipated T20 World Cup, the team will engage in gripping series against formidable opponents such as Afghanistan, England, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand, and Australia, spanning various formats of the game. The cricketers’ calendars are brimming with high-stakes encounters, showcasing their versatility and prowess on the global stage. As Team India readies itself for these intense competitions, cricket enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate a year filled with thrilling contests and unforgettable moments. The team’s commitment extends to their active involvement in the IPL 2024 and the T20 World Cup 2024, ensuring that 2024 is a year to remember for cricket aficionados worldwide.

Reflecting on 2023: Challenges and Aspirations for Team India

The year 2023 unfolded as a period of mixed fortunes for the Indian cricket team. While the team showcased commendable cricketing prowess on the field, securing victories and enthralling fans, the coveted ICC trophy remained elusive. Despite their exceptional efforts, Team India faced defeat twice in crucial encounters – first in the World Test Championship final and later in the 2023 World Cup final, both times conceding to Australia.

The setback continued as the Indian team embarked on a tour of South Africa with high hopes. Unfortunately, their aspirations to triumph on South African soil were shattered with a defeat in the first Test. The challenges encountered in 2023 served as valuable lessons for Team India, reinforcing the need for strategic refinement and resilience.

Looking ahead to 2024, the Indian cricket team is gearing up for a renewed campaign. The upcoming year promises a fresh set of competitions and opportunities for redemption. Cricket enthusiasts can anticipate thrilling clashes as Team India prepares to face formidable opponents on the international stage, eager to turn the page on the setbacks of the previous year and script new chapters of success in the annals of Indian cricket.

Cricketing Extravaganza in January and Beyond: Team India’s Packed 2024 Schedule

As the cricketing calendar unfolds in January, Team India is set to embark on a series of challenging encounters, commencing with a Test match against South Africa and followed by a three-match T20 series against Afghanistan. The intensity of competition only escalates as the year progresses, with the Indian cricket team slated to participate in a plethora of series against cricketing powerhouses such as Afghanistan, England, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand, and Australia, spanning various formats of the game.

The anticipation for cricket enthusiasts reaches its pinnacle with the inclusion of both the IPL 2024 and the T20 World Cup 2024 in Team India’s busy schedule. The cricketing fervor is further heightened by the exciting news that the T20 World Cup in 2024 will be hosted by West Indies and USA, adding an international flavor to the tournament. Team India’s commitment to these prestigious events underscores their dedication to showcasing top-tier cricket on a global stage.

Team India’s Packed Schedule for 2024: A Month-by-Month Breakdown


  • Second Test against South Africa
  • January 11 to 17 – Three-match T20 series against Afghanistan at home

January to March:

  • 25 January to 11 March – Five-match Test series against England at home

March to May:

  • IPL 2024 takes center stage


  • June 4 to June 30 – 2024 T20 World Cup


  • Three-match ODI and three-match T20 series in Sri Lanka (dates to be announced)


  • Three T20s and two Test series against Bangladesh at home (dates to be determined)


  • Three-match Test series against New Zealand at home


  • 5-match Test series in Australia

Team India’s comprehensive schedule for 2024 promises an exciting array of cricketing action, featuring intense competitions across various formats. From engaging in challenging series against Afghanistan, England, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and New Zealand to participating in high-stakes tournaments like IPL 2024 and the T20 World Cup, the team is set to showcase their prowess on the global stage. As the calendar unfolds, cricket enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing Team India’s journey through a myriad of captivating encounters, making 2024 a memorable year for cricket fans worldwide.

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