Maratha Reservation Protest Turns Violent in Maharashtra: NCP Ajit Pawar Group MLA’s House Set Ablaze, Dozens of Vehicles Torched

In Maharashtra, this year, demands for Maratha reservation have led to violent clashes. On Monday, a dozen unidentified people pelted stones at the residence and office of NCP (Nationalist Congress Party) MLA Prakash Solanke in Beed. Several protesters also set fire to bikes and vehicles.

Currently, a video featuring NCP MLA Prakash Solanke has gone viral in which he can be heard saying something against Maratha reservation leader Manoj Jharange. This video is believed to be the reason for the attacks on his residence and office. After the incident, security has been increased.

Prakash Solanke, a legislator, described the incident, saying, “The attack took place when I was inside my house. Although none of my family members or staff were injured, substantial property damage has occurred.”

The situation arose due to clashes over the Maratha reservation issue. It is currently a volatile issue in Maharashtra, leading to demonstrations and confrontations between different groups. Police are actively investigating the situation.

In Maharashtra, the demand for Maratha reservation has led to several tragic incidents, including cases of self-immolation and suicide. On Sunday, another youth committed suicide, adding to the toll of 13 such tragic incidents in the past 11 days. The latest victim has been identified as GangaBhishan Ramrao, a resident of Parli in the Beed district.

The Maratha reservation issue in Maharashtra has been contentious, leading to protests and various forms of resistance. It’s notable that Hemant Patil, a Shiv Sena MP from Hingoli, recently resigned from his post, citing his support for the Maratha reservation as one of the reasons. While his resignation hasn’t reached the Lok Sabha speaker yet, a viral resignation letter has been circulating.

Shinde, another prominent supporter of the Maratha reservation, urged others to be patient and care for their well-being in light of these tragic incidents. The situation remains sensitive and tense, with further developments expected as the demand for Maratha reservation continues to be a prominent issue in the state.

In Maharashtra, the demand for Maratha reservation has resulted in 13 cases of suicide within just 11 days. On Sunday, another young man took his own life in response to this issue. The deceased has been identified as Gangabhishan Ramrao, a resident of Parli in the Beed district.

It’s important to note that Hemant Patil, a Shiv Sena MP from Hingoli, recently resigned from his post in support of the Maratha reservation. While his resignation letter hasn’t officially reached the Lok Sabha speaker yet, it has gone viral on social media. Hemant Patil, who hasn’t resigned from Lok Sabha, remains committed to the cause of Maratha reservation.

This situation highlights the intensity and urgency of the Maratha reservation issue in Maharashtra, which continues to provoke strong emotions and actions. Shinde, a prominent supporter of this reservation, appealed for patience and the well-being of those involved, as the situation remains critical and challenging.

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