Morari Bapu’s Ayodhya Ram Katha: Inspiring Politics from Ramlalla, Invitation to Honor – Feb 24 Event

With the much-anticipated Prana Pratishtha Mahotsav of the Ram Mandir scheduled to take place in Ayodhya on January 22, the entire nation is steeped in the spirit of Ram. In a significant development, Morari Bapu has been extended a gracious invitation by the Ramjanmabhoomi Trust to partake in the historic event. 

Responding to the invitation, Morari Bapu has conveyed his heartfelt acceptance, expressing his intent to conduct Ramakatha in Ayodhya commencing on February 24, post the Prana Pratishtha ceremony. This announcement adds an extra layer of significance to the already monumental event, promising a spiritual and cultural enrichment for the devotees and participants in the days to follow.

Morari Bapu Expresses Overwhelming Emotion Ahead of Ram Mandir Consecration Ceremony

In a candid conversation with the media, Morari Bapu shared his profound sentiments regarding his upcoming attendance at the consecration ceremony of the Ram Mandir. The spiritual leader expressed that this momentous event holds unparalleled significance in his life, labeling it as the “first event of my life.” Overwhelmed with emotion, Morari Bapu conveyed his excitement and awe, emphasizing the unprecedented scale of the occasion.

He further remarked on the auspicious nature of the event, describing it as an omen of Ramarajya, symbolizing an era of righteousness and harmony. Morari Bapu underlined the meticulous adherence to scriptures in the preparations for the consecration, highlighting the sacred and traditional aspects that are being meticulously followed.

Morari Bapu Advocates Political Inspiration from the Ideals of Ram

Morari Bapu has emphasized the importance of drawing political inspiration from the ideals of Lord Ram. In his statement, he highlighted the global resonance of India’s name, attributing a significant contribution to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Morari Bapu acknowledged the immense support received in response to his call for donations, revealing a remarkable sum of 18.60 crore rupees contributed by the public. Demonstrating his commitment to the cause, Morari Bapu disclosed his personal donation of 11 crore rupees, with the intention to contribute the remaining amount during the upcoming Ramkatha event.

Morari Bapu Stresses on Seeking Blessings from Gurus and Dignitaries During Ram Mandir’s Prana Pratishtha Mahotsav

In a noteworthy revelation, Morari Bapu acknowledged the absence of Shankaracharya in the upcoming Prana Pratishtha Mahotsav of the Ram Mandir, stating that understanding his perspective is essential. Morari Bapu urged for a collective spirit of reverence and respect on this auspicious occasion, emphasizing the importance of seeking blessings from all gurus and dignitaries, regardless of their physical presence at the event. 

He stressed the significance of fostering a sense of unity and spiritual well-being by embracing the blessings and goodwill of revered figures, regardless of their physical attendance. Morari Bapu’s sentiments reflect a commitment to inclusivity and spiritual harmony during this momentous occasion.

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