NEET Exam Cheating Scam: Two More Accused Remanded for 10 Days in Godhra City Incident

NEET Exam Cheating Scandal Uncovered in Godhra City

A significant cheating racket has been uncovered in the NEET exam in Godhra city, with three directly implicated individuals arrested one after the other. The three accused, all from Rajasthan, were brought before the court on Monday. Both were granted a 10-day remand by the Chief District Judge. The Honorable Court specifically noted that resorting to malpractice in the NEET exam is tantamount to playing with the health interests of the country’s citizens. It is noteworthy that during the interrogation of both accused, more startling details are expected to emerge.

Simultaneous Arrest of Three Suspects in NEET Exam Center Theft Case

In a development related to the theft at the NEET exam center near Godhra in Panchmahal district, Jay Jalaram School, it has emerged that earlier, a similar theft was orchestrated. During the police investigation, it was found that the three suspects had collectively received 7 lakhs from the deputy director and supervisor of the examination center. In the course of the police inquiry, the names of the three suspects were revealed, leading to the simultaneous arrest of all three individuals involved.

Court: Cheating in NEET Exam is Equivalent to Playing with Citizens’ Health

Government lawyer Rakesh Thakor revealed that three suspects were charged in the Godhra taluka police station. Among them, Tushar Bhatt and Arif Vorah, apprehended by the Godhra LCB police for orchestrating cheating during the NEET exam, were presented before the magistrate court today. Both suspects were remanded for 14 days. Detailed evidence was presented in front of the magistrate court, which approved police custody remand for both suspects until the evening of the 22nd. Notably, the magistrate court highlighted that cheating in the NEET exam, which concerns the health of citizens, is a serious offense. Accordingly, police custody remand for both suspects was sanctioned by the magistrate court.

Both Suspects Granted 10-Day Remand

Police apprehended a suspect named Parshuram Roy in Vadodara, who was granted a 10-day remand after his arrest. Subsequently, in connection with the entire case, Tushar Bhatt and Arif Vora, who were absconding, were apprehended in Rajasthan. The police presented both suspects before the Chief District Magistrate on Monday. Following a request for investigation, made by Deputy Police Commissioner Mr. V.V. Patel, a 14-day remand was sought. Considering the evidence presented by the district government lawyer, the court approved a 10-day remand for both suspects.

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