NEET Exam Scam Uncovered: ₹10 Lakh Cash Recovery, WhatsApp Chat Exposes Deputy Superintendent

₹7 Lakhs Found in Deputy Superintendent’s Car

Based on information received, investigation teams of the District Collector and District Education Officer conducted a search at the examination center. During the search, ₹7 lakhs in cash was found in the car of the Deputy Superintendent of the examination center. Additionally, a WhatsApp chat on the mobile phone of the Deputy Center Superintendent revealed plans to cheat ten students for ₹10 lakhs. Following a complaint filed by the Godhra Taluka Police, senior police officials have initiated an investigation.

Examination Center Inspected Based on Collector’s Information

Kirit Manilal Patel, serving as the Deputy Education Officer of Panchmahal district, lodged a complaint with the Godhra Taluka Police. They stated that they received information five days ago that Tushar Bhatt, a non-regular employee named in the incident, was engaged in irregular activities during the NEET exam held at Jay Jalaram School near Parvadi Chowkdi in Godhra. Acting on this information, they, along with their team, reached Jay Jalaram School at 10 o’clock in the morning, where all staff members of the school were present in the principal’s chamber. Everyone was questioned, including Tushar Bhatt, who was also present.

Unveiling of Cheating through WhatsApp Chat Examination Center Deputy Superintendent, Tushar Bhatt, had informed his father about being at the examination center. Subsequently, during the investigation of the two mobile phones in their possession, a WhatsApp chat named Parshuram Roy revealed three photos sent from a computer screen. These photos contained the names of 11 candidates, along with their roll numbers and the address of the examination center written on them. Later, other messages also provided details about the candidates. Consequently, the Education Department’s team interrogated all the details and identified that all information was sent from the computer of Parshuram Roy, the owner of Roy Overseas in Vadodara.

Revelation of Cheating by Deputy Superintendent

According to the message, candidates with specific names are scheduled to take the NEET exam at our school. One of them was caught trying to pay Rs. 10 lakh to have the paper solved. This fact was communicated to the team of the District Education Department by Tushar Bhatt. Following this, the education department’s team interrogated Tushar Bhatt, but he did not provide satisfactory answers regarding other candidates. Upon investigation of his mobile phone, a handwritten name, roll number, and thermal-printed photo were found in the gallery. This prompted inquiries into the thermal lists of Jalaran Group and schools in Godhra, which revealed a list of candidates’ names and roll numbers who are scheduled to take the NEET exam and are to be provided with solved papers. This reality was revealed.

Cheating Uncovered: Names of 20 Candidates Altered with Red Pen Markings

Following this, Tushar Bhatt demanded the two lists that he had kept in his possession. Upon examination, it was found that names of 20 candidates had been altered with red pen markings, along with the center numbers of Jay Jalaram School and Parvadi School written in thermal ink. From the two lists, it was discovered that in the thermal list of the center, names of 20 candidates had been altered and marked with red pen, while in the Parvadi Jay Jalaram School list, 6 candidates’ names had been marked in red ink. These alterations were found in both lists and also in the WhatsApp and gallery applications on the mobile phone, revealing names, roll numbers, and center details. It was confirmed that these candidates were appearing for the NEET exam.

Examination Scam: Arif Vora Provided Answers for a Hefty Sum

Arif Vora had given an advance of Rs. 7 lakhs to provide answers to the preferred questions during the examination, leaving the rest to be handled by the candidates themselves. Once the examination was complete and the answer sheets were collected by the invigilators, he would sneak in and provide answers to the candidates with confirmed roll numbers. It was revealed during further questioning that the list of 6 candidates was provided by Arif Vora himself, who resided in the Hilpark Society of Godhra. He had also paid Rs. 10 lakhs to ensure the passing and inclusion in the merit list of one candidate, for which he had already received confirmation. Additionally, Arif Vora had summoned them to his house at the appointed time and paid them Rs. 7 lakhs.

Scam Unveiled: Tushar Bhatt’s Involvement and Arif Vora’s Scheme

Tushar Bhatt, formerly appointed as a physical science teacher at Jay Jalaram School in Godhra, was assigned the role of Deputy Center Superintendent for NEET exams. Some candidates were facilitated to pass the exams through unconventional means, and others were influenced to ensure their future cooperation. Tushar, along with Arif Vora, engaged in this deceitful practice. Arif Vora, a resident of Godhra, who provided answers to the candidates for a hefty sum, had also paid Rs. 7 lakhs in advance to some candidates. Additionally, he had promised Rs. 10 lakhs to candidates, as confirmed by Parshuram Roy’s testimony. This revelation exposed Tushar’s involvement and led to the discovery of the scam.

Charges Filed Against Three Suspects

The District Education Officer has lodged police complaints against three individuals in connection with the overall case. Tushar Bhatt, a teacher at Jay Jalaram School in Godhra, Parshuram Roy, owner of a company named Roy Overseas in Vadodara, and Arif Vora from Godhra, are accused of breaching trust, misconduct, and violating various provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

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