Nitish Bhardwaj Files Complaint Against IAS Wife of Krishna from Mahabharata Serial

In the television serial Mahabharat, there is a dispute going on between Nitish Bharadwaj, who plays the role of Bhishma, and his IAS wife, Smita. The controversy has reached the Bhopal Police Commissioner.

On Wednesday, February 14, Nitish Bharadwaj met Police Commissioner Harinarayanachari Mishra and filed a written complaint. He alleges that his wife Smita has ‘abducted’ their daughters. Even after court orders, his wife prevents him from meeting their daughters. He is unaware of the whereabouts and condition of their daughters. Whenever he asks, his wife does not provide any answers.

Nitish stated, ‘My wife instigates my daughters against me. In the past two years, Smita admitted their daughters to a boarding school in Bhopal and then removed their names from there. Now she doesn’t tell me where our daughters are.’

Nitish also pleads with the police to permit him to meet his daughters. The Commissioner has assigned ACP Shalini Dixit to investigate the case. Commissioner Mishra told Bhaskar, ‘A complaint has been received. This is a family dispute. An investigation is underway.’

Nitish Alleges – 4 Years of No Communication with Daughters

Actor and former MP Nitish Bharadwaj has expressed in a complaint that for the past four years, he has been unable to meet his daughters. He previously met several senior police officials and appealed to them to facilitate a reunion with his daughters, but to no avail.

He mentioned that the Mumbai Family Court has issued an order granting him the freedom to meet his daughters as a father. Despite this, his wife, Smita, has consistently obstructed his attempts to reunite with their daughters. They remain unaware of the whereabouts and conditions of their daughters, who have been absent from the boarding school they were attending in Bhopal.

Police sources informed Bhaskar that Nitish stated in his complaint that both his daughters were enrolled in a Bhopal school until 2022. Even then, Smita had prevented the principal from providing any information about their daughters. Subsequently, without informing Nitish, Smita admitted their daughters to a different boarding school.

When they contacted the boarding school, they were informed that the daughters had been withdrawn from there four months before their inquiry.

Daughter Turns Against Me, Blocked on WhatsApp

In a complaint filed to the Police Commissioner, it has been alleged that Smita has turned her daughters against me. She has been inciting them against me. Even my phone number has been blocked, and I haven’t received any response to my emails. My WhatsApp has also been blocked, making it impossible for me to communicate with my daughters.

No Relief Despite Court Orders: Nitish

Actor Nitish and IAS officer Smita got married in 2009. They have two daughters. Their relationship had been strained for a few years. In 2019, they filed for divorce in the Mumbai Family Court. Nitish stated in the complaint that since September 12, 2021, he has been barred from communicating with his daughters.

This month, Smita was transferred from Indore to Bhopal. She had previously been posted in the Human Rights Commission. Currently, she holds the position of Chief Secretary in the Sports and Youth Welfare Department.

Nitish also mentioned that in December 2023, the Mumbai court had ordered that as a father, he has the full right to meet his daughters, but Smita has been preventing them from meeting him. She has been inciting the daughters against him.

Nitish Files Petition for Custody of Daughters

Nitish has filed a petition in the Mumbai Family Court for the custody of his daughters. In the petition, he mentions that he has not entrusted the custody of his daughters to his wife Smita. Nitish states in the petition that he intends to discuss the matter shortly.

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