Limdi-Ahmedabad Highway Tragedy: Fatalities and Over 20 Injured in Luxury Bus and Dumper Incidents

In a distressing incident along the Limbdi Ahmedabad Highway in the Surendranagar district, a collision occurred between a private travel bus and a dumper, resulting in fatal casualties. Regrettably, two individuals lost their lives on the spot, while over 20 others sustained injuries and were promptly transported to hospitals for urgent medical attention.

Upon receiving reports of the accident, Surendranagar police swiftly mobilized to the scene, initiating an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident. Their diligent efforts aim to ascertain the details of the collision and determine the factors contributing to the unfortunate loss of lives.

In another unfortunate occurrence near the vicinity of Limbdi Model School, another individual succumbed to injuries in a separate accident. Prompt response teams, including Limbdi police, promptly arrived at the scene, working tirelessly to extract the deceased and provide necessary medical assistance.

Fatalities and Over 20 Injured in Two Accidents Near Limbdi Ahmedabad Highway

Tragic incidents unfolded near the vicinity of a public gathering venue close to the Limbdi Ahmedabad Highway, resulting in fatal casualties and injuries to over 20 individuals. In these accidents, two fatalities were reported, and more than 20 people sustained injuries. The accidents occurred amidst crowded areas where makeshift stalls were set up by local communities. 

Prompt responses ensued as Limbdi police, along with five 108 ambulances, rushed to the scenes of the accidents, swiftly transporting the injured individuals to nearby hospitals for treatment. Consequently, the accidents led to traffic congestion on the Limbdi Ahmedabad Highway, causing lengthy queues of vehicles on both sides of the highway.

The luxury that comes from Purpat entered the dumper.

Fatality Near Limbdi Model School and Another Accident on Limbdi-Rajkot Highway

Near Limbdi Model School, a tragic accident occurred involving a collision between a dumper and a tempo, resulting in one fatality. Meanwhile, on the Limbdi-Rajkot Highway, another accident unfolded, adding to the day’s unfortunate events. In this incident, Limbdi police promptly responded, conducting a thorough investigation at the accident site. 

With diligent efforts, they retrieved the deceased’s body and facilitated its transportation to the hospital. Investigations into the circumstances surrounding both accidents are underway, as authorities work to determine the factors contributing to these distressing incidents.

Accident near Limbadi Model School too.

Fatal Accident Near Changa Patiya: 8 Passengers Injured

Two days ago, a tragic incident unfolded near Changa Patiya, close to Jamnagar, where a local travel bus overturned, injuring 8 passengers. The bus, operated by L&T Company, was en route from Viramgam to LC 8 Colony. Among the passengers were employees of the company’s regional office. The accident occurred near Somanath Hotel, on the side of the road leading to Uthi. Prompt response ensued as local residents and ambulance staff quickly converged to assist the injured individuals. 

Ten injured passengers were promptly transported to Jamnagar’s GG Hospital for medical treatment. The incident caused a temporary gathering of locals and ambulance personnel, highlighting the urgency of immediate medical attention and coordinated response in such critical situations.

Fatal Accident on Palanpur-Abu Road Highway Claims One Life

Tragedy struck on the Palanpur-Abu Road Highway as a car tire blowout led to a fatal accident. A young man lost his life in the incident, while others sustained serious injuries and were promptly rushed to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention. As the authorities from Amirgadh Police swiftly responded to the scene, a family from Ahmedabad was en route back home from Abu Road when their car experienced a tire blowout near Ramjiyani Village, close to Palanpur-Abu Road Highway. 

The driver lost control of the steering, causing the vehicle to veer off the road and resulting in the tragic loss of life. Emergency responders provided immediate assistance and transported the injured to the hospital for further treatment.

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