Missing Physiotherapy Paper After Nursing: Gujarat University Unaware for Two Months, First Exam Scandal Reported

On July 10th, a nursing paper went missing from the Botany department of Gujarat University. After a 2-month investigation, the police apprehended one suspect, who was in the examination center during the incident. This case falls under the Gujarat Public Examinations Act 2023. For the first time in Ahmedabad, a suspect is being charged under this act. If convicted, the suspect could face a 10-year sentence and a fine of one crore rupees.

On July 11th, NSUI protested against the disappearance of answer sheets in the ‘Uttarvahi’ case, where nursing exam papers went missing on July 10th. Following this, the university police registered a case and conducted a comprehensive investigation. During the probe, students whose answer sheets were missing were requested, along with summoning staff from the Botany department. This request also involved contacting concerned individuals, including those who had suspicious interactions.

After the plea, a university employee named Sanjay Damor, who was suspected of being involved in suspicious activities, went into hiding. This employee was known for creating disturbances in the university as a contractual worker. His disappearance heightened concerns. In the entire case, both Sunny Chaudhary and Amarsingh were accused of instigating the employee. Furthermore, Sanjay Damor, who was also aiding them within the university, disappeared. The police were conducting a thorough search for all three accused. However, for the next two months, the accused managed to evade the police

Role of Sanjay Damor Captured on CCTV Camera:

With the assistance of cybercrime expertise, the police apprehended the university’s disruptive employee, Sanjay Damor. The university’s CCTV cameras revealed his suspicious role. Further evidence was found in his phone records, including conversations with Sunny and Amarsingh, leading to his arrest. Subsequently, the police questioned Sanjay Damor to gather more information.

Loss of Answers Linked to Contact with Sunny Chaudhary:

During the suspect’s interrogation, it was revealed that he had been a disruptive employee at Gujarat University for two years. Due to the strong room presence in the Botany department, he had been assigned tasks during exam times. In the course of his interactions with Sunny Chaudhary, he lost the answer sheets. In this exam-related incident, he was promised 50,000 rupees by a student, from which even Sanjay Damor was supposed to receive a share.

Recovery of Missing Physiotherapy Papers:

Subsequently, during the suspect’s interrogation, the police have seized 6 more missing answer sheets. These answer sheets belong to physiotherapy students. While the university hadn’t initially discovered the loss of these answer sheets, the police investigation has revealed their absence. In the upcoming days, the police will continue to investigate the missing physiotherapy answer sheets case. Other students may also be summoned for questioning as necessary.

Main Suspects in the Answer Sheet Scam Flee:

The Gujarat University police have introduced a new law to curb irregularities, as a result of which the main accused in the answer sheet scandal, Sunny Chaudhary and Amarsingh, have gone on the run. They could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of one crore rupees according to this new law, which is added to the Gujarat Public Examinations Act. For the first time, this case is being noted in Ahmedabad. The police are currently searching for Sunny Chaudhary and Amarsingh, who are the primary accused.

More Investigations to Come: PI V.J. Jadeja PI V.J. Jadeja has revealed that during the interrogation of the suspect Sanjay Damor, 6 missing physiotherapy answer sheets were discovered. Further investigation will be carried out by the university regarding this matter.

Knowledge Gap in the Case of Missing Answer Sheets: Vice-Chancellor Niraja Gupta Vice-Chancellor Niraja Gupta of Gujarat University has stated that they do not yet know about the missing physiotherapy answer sheets case.

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