Ola Electric Introduces Moveos 4 Beta With 20+ New Features, Launching by Sep 15

Ola Electric took the spotlight at its annual Customer Day in Krishnagiri, TN, introducing MoveOS4. The event marked the launch of ‘EndICEAge Part 1,’ emphasizing India’s role in global EV leadership.

MoveOS4 by Ola Electric is a game-changer for electric mobility. With 100+ enhancements and 20+ new features, it promises to redefine the driving experience.

Ola Electric’s Customer Day event showcased MoveOS4 debut and their dedication to making India an EV frontrunner. The update brings 100+ enhancements and over 20 new features, transforming electric driving.

Starting September 15th, Ola Electric customers will experience the promised convenience, safety, and comfort of these features. An OTA update will initiate with a beta roll-out, followed by a full release.

Among the groundbreaking features are Ola Maps integration, Hill Descent function, Find My Scooter, Location Push, HC Routing, Megaphone communication, Concert Mode, Customizable Motor Sounds, Theft/Tow/Fall Detection, Geo and Time Fencing, Take-Me-Home Lights, Auto Turn-Off Indicators, Ride and Energy Statistics, Call Filtering, Biometric Unlock, Widgets integration, Dark Mode, and Scooter Locator.”

Ola Electric’s dedication to innovation and sustainability shines in their latest unveilings. With #EndICEAge Part 1 and MoveOS4, they’re propelling India to lead in global electric mobility, fostering a cleaner and greener automotive era.

Niyati Rao

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