Chandrayaan-3 Launch Controversy: FIR Against Prakash Raj for Criticism, Actor Faces Backlash on Social Media

Actor Prakash Raj Faces FIR for Mocking ‘Chandrayaan 3’ Mission on Social Media Recently. The Hindu organization’s leaders have filed this FIR against Prakash for appropriate action against his remarks.

Prakash has shared this post. The veteran actor shared a photo on microblogging site X on Sunday. In this candid shot, a person wearing a lungi and shirt can be seen. While sharing this, Prakash wrote, ‘The first photo of Chandrayaan has appeared.

When users trolled the actor after he shared this post, Prakash defended himself with two tweets.

He said, ‘Hatred begets only hatred. I was giving context to a joke from Armstrong’s era. Enjoying the flavor of my Kerala tea… But those who troll, did they taste any flavor? If you don’t understand a joke, the joke is on you.

Sharing the story of the Malayali tea vendor, the actor wrote in another tweet, ‘Those who recognize only one flavor, I am proud to share the story of our Malayali tea vendor who has been inspiring us since the 1960s. If you want to be educated, please read.’

Prakash Raj accompanied this post with a story of Neil Armstrong and the Malayali tea vendor.

Users gave him a strong trolling Many users had trolled Prakash vigorously earlier. Some users had even questioned his nationalism. People were saying that ‘Chandrayaan 3’ is associated with the pride of the country.


Actor Prakash Raj recently shared a post on social media that mocked the ‘Chandrayaan 3’ mission. This led to a FIR being filed against him by a Hindu organization in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka. The organization’s leaders demanded appropriate action against his remarks.

In response to trolls, Prakash defended himself with two tweets. He emphasized that hatred begets hatred and explained that he was contextualizing a joke from Armstrong’s era. He also shared the story of a Malayali tea vendor who has inspired many since the 1960s.

Amidst the trolling, some users questioned Prakash’s nationalism and the significance of ‘Chandrayaan 3‘ to the country’s pride. Despite the backlash, Prakash stood by his posts and used social media to convey his perspective.

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