Record-Breaking PM Written ‘Madi Garba’ Night: 1.21 Lakh at Rajkot Racecourse with Patil, and Sanghvi

The vibrant city of Rajkot, renowned for its cultural richness, continues to uphold its unique identity through the exuberant celebration of Garba. A symbol of Gujarati culture and pride, Garba is embraced by Rajkotites with unparalleled enthusiasm, irrespective of the occasion. The spirited people of ‘Rangila Rajkot’ are always prepared to engage in the rhythmic dance of Garba, a tradition that has become a defining feature of their identity.

Notably, the residents of Rajkot have carved a distinctive niche for themselves by partaking in a continuous Garba celebration, which extends from Navratri to before and after the festival, culminating with the joyous Sharad Poonam night. This extraordinary commitment to the art form has now led to a remarkable world record.

On the auspicious night of Sharad Poonam, Rajkot accomplished an unprecedented feat as an astounding 121,000 individuals gathered to celebrate ‘Madi’ Garba. Adding to the grandeur of the occasion, the event was graced by none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who joined the renowned Bollywood singer, Parthiv Gohil, in a mesmerizing performance of ‘Sangath Garba.’

Record-Breaking PM Written 'Madi Garba' Night

World Record Achieved in Rajkot as Prime Minister’s ‘Pradhan Mantri Likhit Garbo’ Sung by Bollywood Singer Parthiv Gohil

In a historic event that unfolded on the enchanting Sharad Poonam night, Rajkot city played host to an extraordinary world record as Bollywood singer Parthiv Gohil performed the ‘Maadi Garbo,’ a creation authored by none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This exceptional gathering occurred at the iconic Race Course Ground and witnessed the presence of a staggering 121,000 attendees.

The ‘Pradhan Mantri Likhit Garbo,’ set to music by Parthiv Gohil, not only reverberated across the heart of Rajkot but also etched its name into the annals of history. Among the notable dignitaries who graced the event with their esteemed presence were Gujarat BJP President, C. R. Patil, and Home Minister, Harsh Sanghvi.

The significance of this unique celebration extended beyond the boundaries of Rajkot, drawing recognition from esteemed organizations dedicated to documenting extraordinary feats. The World Book of Railord-London, Indian Traditional Book of Records, and World Record India all officially registered this remarkable achievement as a world record.

This momentous occasion was an embodiment of unity, culture, and artistry. The ‘Maadi Garbo,’ a creation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, symbolizes the deep-rooted traditions of Gujarat and was brought to life by the mesmerizing vocals of Parthiv Gohil. It stands as a testament to the enduring cultural heritage of the region, with its celebration on the Sharad Poonam night serving as a grand showcase of unity and community spirit.

The presence of esteemed figures such as C. R. Patil and Harsh Sanghvi underscored the cultural and social significance of the event. Their participation elevated the event’s stature, emphasizing its role in preserving and promoting cultural heritage.

121,000 Attendees

A Remarkable World Record Set with 121,000 Attendees, Doubling the Previous Record

A historic moment unfolded in Rajkot, where an astounding 121,000 individuals congregated, setting a new world record. This remarkable achievement shattered the previous record, which stood at 60,000 participants. In doing so, Rajkot showcased the extraordinary unity and enthusiasm of its people.

The record was officially recognized and celebrated by BJP State President C. R. Patil and State Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi, who extended their warm congratulations to the BJP in Rajkot city and the entire Rajkot community. This event has not only set a new benchmark but has also reaffirmed the city’s unwavering commitment to celebrating cultural traditions and creating a sense of togetherness among its residents.

Mother Amba's Blessings Shine upon Gujarat

“Mother Amba’s Blessings Shine upon Gujarat,” States C. R. Patil

During the occasion, C. R. Patil shared his thoughts, highlighting the profound connection between the worship of Mother Amba and the prosperity of Gujarat. He recounted a conversation with a Member of Parliament in Delhi who inquired about the secret behind the state’s prosperity. In response, C. R. Patil emphasized the significance of worshipping Mataji and singing Garbo during Navratri, noting that these rituals are integral to ensuring Mother Amba’s happiness in Gujarat. He extended his heartfelt blessings, stating, “May Amba bless Gujarat.”

Additionally, C. R. Patil acknowledged the Prime Minister’s devout commitment to Maa Amba, revealing that the Prime Minister observes a strict fast, consuming only lemon water for the entire duration of Navratri. This devout dedication underscores the deep reverence the Prime Minister holds for Maa Amba.

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