Rising School Transportation Costs: RTO’s Decision Adds Burden on Parents

Starting from June 13, the new academic session, the School Van and Rickshaw Association has decided to increase the fares. The decision comes in light of rising costs associated with RTO passing charges, insurance, permits, and other expenses. The fare for one kilometer in school vans has been increased to 200 rupees, while in school rickshaws it has been increased to 100 rupees per kilometer. Now, parents will have to pay 200 and 100 rupees more respectively compared to the previous fares. It’s worth noting that the fares were last increased in 2021, and now after three years, there’s another increment.

From the upcoming academic session, a new fare will be implemented. A notice has been issued by the School Van and Rickshaw drivers to strictly adhere to the rules set by the RTO. In response, a meeting of the Ahmedabad School Association was held. In this meeting, it was discussed that due to the expenses of around 50,000 rupees incurred in compliance with the RTO rules, there will be an increase in the fares of school vans and rickshaws. The Ahmedabad School Association has brought together 15,000 van and rickshaw drivers from Ahmedabad and 80,000 drivers from the state to negotiate with them.

Every three years, the School Van and Rickshaw Association proposes an increase in school van and rickshaw fares. The last fare hike occurred in 2021. During the intervening three years, if there is no increase in the prices of CNG, petrol, and diesel, there won’t be any fare hikes for school vans and rickshaws. The new fare increase will be implemented from the upcoming academic session.

Unique Translation: “No Fare Hikes for 3 Years”: Dharmendra Brahmbhatt

Dharmendra Brahmbhatt, the head of the School Van and Rickshaw Association, stated that there have been no fare hikes for the last three years. However, this year, expenses, including passing costs, have increased. Additionally, there has been a rise in fuel prices, prompting the decision to increase fares. As a result, the fare for a kilometer in a rickshaw has increased to 100 rupees, while in vans, it has risen to 200 rupees.

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