Vandalism Incident at Salangpur Murals: A Comprehensive Analysis of Harshad Gadhvi’s Actions

The recent act of vandalism at Yatradham Salangpur, where several murals depicting Hanumanji saluting Nilakanthavarni were targeted, has sparked considerable controversy and outrage within the community. At the center of this incident is an individual named Harshad Gadhvi, who played a pivotal role in escalating the situation. Let us delve into who Harshad Gadhvi is and what may have motivated his actions.

Harshad Gadhvi emerged prominently in this incident when, on a Saturday morning, he allegedly vandalized the controversial murals by striking them with a frame. His actions intensified the ongoing protests and disputes surrounding these artworks.

Harshad Gadhvi: A Brief Profile

Harshad Gadhvi, who has recently come into the spotlight due to his involvement in the vandalism incident at Yatradham Salangpur, is a native of Charanki village. Nakujibhai Gadhvi, a resident of Charanki village, provided some insights into Harshad Gadhvi’s background and personal life.

Family Background:

Harshad Gadhvi’s family has a background in public service. His father, Jitubhai Gadhvi, had a career in the government health department and has since retired. This suggests a family tradition of dedication to public service and a commitment to the community.

Educational Background:

Harshad Gadhvi pursued his education and graduated with a degree in Arts. This educational background in the arts may provide some context for his interests and possibly his deep connection to cultural and religious matters.

Religious Activity:

One notable aspect of Harshad Gadhvi’s life is his active involvement in religious activities. This indicates a strong sense of faith and spirituality, which may have influenced his actions and reactions regarding the controversial murals at Yatradham Salangpur.

Marital Status:

Harshad Gadhvi is married, but it’s worth noting that he and his spouse do not have any children. This personal detail may or may not have relevance to his actions, but it is a part of his life story.


Gajananda Ashram: A Hub of Devotion and Service

Harshad Gadhvi’s commitment to religious devotion and community service finds a tangible expression in the form of Gajananda Ashram, a spiritual retreat nestled in his own wadi near Charanki village. This ashram, dedicated to the worship of Hanumanji, has been a source of solace and service for the local community and devotees passing through the area.

Harshad Gadhvi established Gajananda Ashram approximately two years ago with a clear purpose – to provide a place of refuge and spiritual solace for devotees and travelers. This demonstrates his deep-rooted commitment to both religious values and community well-being.

Gajananda Ashram

Harshad Gadhvi: A Multifaceted Individual with a Strong Commitment to His Community

Harshad Gadhvi’s life and activities reveal a multi-dimensional personality, characterized by his involvement in various fields and his dedication to serving his community. Here are some noteworthy aspects of his life:

Film Industry Involvement:

Harshad Gadhvi has made a significant mark in the Gujarati film industry, having produced five Gujarati films. These films, centered around the diamond industry, showcase his creative talents and contributions to regional cinema. His involvement in the film industry underscores his commitment to artistic expression and storytelling.

Service Activities and Agriculture:

In addition to his work in the film industry, Harshad Gadhvi is actively engaged in service activities. His establishment of Gajananda Ashram reflects his dedication to community service and hospitality. Moreover, his involvement in agriculture demonstrates a well-rounded approach to livelihood and sustainability.

Family Background:

Harshad Gadhvi’s family, including his father and younger brother, resides in Ahmedabad. His father’s retirement from a government job and his brother’s work in a private company highlight the diverse professional backgrounds within the family.

Advocacy for Narmada Water:

Notably, Harshad Gadhvi has also taken a stance on critical issues affecting his community. His recent protest demanding Narmada water for farmers in Charanki village and surrounding areas underscores his advocacy for essential resources and his willingness to stand up for the rights of local residents. His reference to historical figures like Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Gandhichindya route reflects the depth of his commitment to this cause.

Detention of Harshad Gadhvi: Ensuring Law and Order

In light of the recent incident involving Harshad Gadhvi’s attempt to breach the barricade and damage the murals at Salangpur’s garden, local authorities have taken the necessary steps to maintain law and order. Harshad Gadhvi has been detained by the police to prevent any further disruptions and to address the alleged act of vandalism.

Harshad Gadvi and farmers demanding irrigation water.

Police Arrangements in Charanki Village:

To ensure that the situation remains peaceful and to prevent any untoward incidents from occurring in connection with Harshad Gadhvi’s detention, police arrangements have been put in place in his village, Charanki. These measures are aimed at maintaining public safety and preventing any potential conflicts or disturbances in the area.

The detention of Harshad Gadhvi reflects the importance of upholding the rule of law and addressing incidents that pose a threat to public property or safety. It is now the responsibility of the legal system to investigate the matter thoroughly and determine the appropriate course of action in accordance with the law.

Statement from Barwala Laxmanji Mandir Mahamandleshwar Jagdevdasji:

In response to the recent incident involving Harshadbhai Gadhvi and the controversial murals at Salangpur’s garden, Barwala Laxmanji Mandir Mahamandleshwar Jagdevdasji has provided a perspective on the matter. He acknowledges Harshadbhai Gadhvi’s commitment to service and expresses that Harshadbhai’s actions were driven by his sentiments. Jagdevdasji highlights that Harshadbhai sought to present his concerns but did not receive what he perceived as a satisfactory response. He emphasizes that Harshadbhai’s actions were not driven by severe anger but rather a level of dissatisfaction.

Jagdevdasji asserts that Harshadbhai Gadhvi has not committed any crime and believes that he acted with good intentions. Furthermore, it is mentioned that an application has been submitted to the police requesting the removal of the controversial murals, suggesting a desire for a peaceful resolution to the matter.

Statement from Charanki Village Sarpanch Diwanbhai:

Charanki Village Sarpanch Diwanbhai has expressed his support for Harshadbhai Gadhvi in light of the recent incident involving the controversial murals at Salangpur’s garden. Diwanbhai has provided insights into Harshadbhai Gadhvi’s character, emphasizing his religious devotion and his establishment of Gajanand Ashram for the benefit of pilgrims.

Sarpanch Diwanbhai of Charanki village

Diwanbhai highlights that the actions taken were in response to perceived harm to Harshadbhai’s feelings. He reaffirms his support for Harshadbhai and pledges that the village community is ready to stand by him whenever and wherever needed, even at midnight.

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