Tragic Loss of 4 Lives Near Santalpur: Car Plunges into Ravine, One Family Loses Four Members Including Wedding Participants

On the roads of Patan district, tragic incidents involving small and large vehicles creating accidents occasionally come to light, leading to the loss of innocent lives. One such incident occurred on Wednesday morning near the village of Fagli in Santalpur Taluka of Patan district. In this incident, four members of a single family lost their lives. While attending a wedding in the Fagli village, the Joshi family’s car unexpectedly veered off the road and plunged into a water-filled pit on the side of the road, resulting in the tragic death of the family members inside.

Car in Water-filled Pit to Save Wildlife

To save a wild animal that suddenly appeared in front of the Joshi family’s car, the car accidentally entered a water-filled pit by the side of the road. The family members, including the husband, wife, and two daughters, drowned in the water, leading to the unfortunate incident.

Mourning Atmosphere in Fagli Village

A mournful atmosphere prevails in Fagli village after the incident. Locals gathered at the accident site, which was near a water-filled pit on the side of the road, where the family’s car had submerged. The unexpected appearance of a wild animal on Fagli Road prompted people to shift the incident site to the water-filled pit beside the shifted carriageway.

Police Action at the Accident Site

The police rushed to the accident site, pulled out the bodies from the water, and conducted the necessary formalities. The bodies were sent to the Primary Health Center in Santalpur for post-mortem. The police registered a case as the incident unfolded in Gandhinagar.

Names of the Deceased

  • Mahendrabhai Kantilal Joshi (Husband)
  • Bhavinaben Mahendrabhai Joshi (Wife)
  • Disha Mahendrabhai Joshi (Daughter)
  • Urvashi Mukeshbhai Joshi (Sister’s Daughter)

Similar Accident in Gandhinagar

In another unfortunate incident today, an accident occurred in Gandhinagar, where a tire burst on an ice cream truck on the Delvada Road in Mansa Taluka of Gandhinagar district. As the crane lifted the truck to change the tire, the driver of a speeding wagon crashed into the scene, causing the death of a 36-year-old driver. The Mansa police have taken legal action against the speeding wagon driver.

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