Bus Overturns Due to Brake Failure After SRP Firing Training near Halol: Multiple Injuries Reported

In an unfortunate incident, over 30 State Reserve Police (SRP) personnel sustained injuries when a bus affiliated with the Pavdi SRP Group of Dahod district, which was en route to a firing mission at the foothills of Pavagadh near Halol, overturned. Subsequently, all the affected personnel were swiftly transported to the Halol Referral Hospital for medical treatment. Regrettably, four of the injured personnel have sustained severe injuries and have been referred to Vadodara for advanced medical care and treatment.

medical care and treatment

A group of 150 personnel from the Pavdi State Reserve Police (SRP) unit in Dahod district had just concluded three days of firing training in the hilly terrain located at the base of Pavagadh near Halol. As they were returning from this training mission, an unfortunate incident occurred. While descending the rugged and unpaved road leading from Firing Butte, a bus owned by the SRP group experienced a brake failure. The bus, carrying over 40 personnel, lost control and careened down a ravine, ultimately overturning.

This harrowing accident left more than 30 soldiers with injuries. Immediate action was taken to ensure their well-being. The injured personnel were transported to the Halol Mass Health Center via another bus and the emergency medical service ‘108.’ In a commendable display of swift response, eight additional soldiers with injuries were further transferred to Vadodara after receiving initial first aid. Medical professionals are currently providing the necessary care and treatment to all the affected soldiers.

necessary care and treatment

The medical teams remain on high alert to address the needs of any soldier who may be found to have sustained serious injuries during the course of their treatment, and in such cases, they will also be referred to Vadodara for specialized care.

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