Surat Heist: Thief Eludes Police, CCTV Captures Dramatic Chase for 7 Lakh Robbery, Extends for 1 KM

In a swift operation, the Surat police have apprehended two burglars who were caught stealing from a residential area in Rander. The incident occurred late at night when the burglars conducted their operation and fled the scene. 

Acting on a tip-off, police teams reached the location promptly to catch the thieves red-handed. During the pursuit, one of the burglars attempted to escape by running down the street, but the police managed to intercept and detain him after a brief chase. 

The entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras installed in the area, providing crucial evidence for the police. Apart from nabbing the burglars, the police have also seized stolen items worth over Rs. 7,00,000 and initiated legal proceedings against them. This rapid response by the authorities underscores their commitment to maintaining law and order in the city.

Burglary Reported at House Number 12 in Kalpana Society, Rander

A burglary incident occurred at House Number 12 in Kalpana Society, Rander, last night. The theft took place while the residents were asleep. The incident was promptly reported to the police control room via phone. 

The control room immediately informed the Rander Police Station at 3:35 AM. Consequently, a team from the Rander Police Station reached the scene of the crime. During the investigation, the homeowner, Yogeshbhai Mistry, revealed that burglars had broken into the house through the backyard and escaped after committing the robbery

Additionally, Yogeshbhai’s wife stated that the burglars were seen fleeing the scene wearing a checkered shirt and another shirt in red color. As the investigation unfolds, it becomes evident that the incident is not too distant, indicating that the perpetrators might not have gone far.

As soon as the policeman approached or the thief would turn and start running towards me

Police Apprehend Burglar Caught Discarding Stolen Goods Bag

Inspector Atul Sonara of the Rander Police Station reported that a team, including PSI B.M. Parmar and other police personnel rushed to the scene upon receiving reports of a burglary at House Number 12 in Kalpana Society. 

Forming teams for specific tasks, the police initiated a thorough investigation, including a search of two-wheelers in the vicinity. Constables Arjun and Gaurav from the Rander Police were suspicious of an individual wearing a red-colored T-shirt near Sona Hotel in Palanpur Patiya. 

Upon approaching the suspect, who matched the description provided, the police noticed him attempting to discard a bag. Acting swiftly, the police managed to apprehend the suspect and chased him for nearly one and a half kilometers. Finally, at a cinematic moment, the police successfully apprehended the burglar, bringing the operation to a successful conclusion.

Thief in front and police in back (can be seen in circle)

Thief Flees in the Opposite Direction of Police Arrival

The entire incident involving the swift pursuit of the fleeing thief by the police unfolded through the lenses of nearby CCTV cameras. It was observed that the thief, upon noticing police approaching from one direction, opted to flee in the opposite direction, much like scenes from a movie. 

The thief’s actions mirrored those typically seen in cinematic pursuits, where the perpetrator runs in the opposite direction of law enforcement. During the chase, the thief led the police on a pursuit spanning approximately one and a half kilometers. Ultimately, the thief was swiftly apprehended near the Himgiri Apartments in Rander.

Police first nabbed the thief wearing a red color t-shirt and then nabbed the thief wearing a check shirt.

Another Thief Apprehended Swiftly in Rander Area

Following the arrest of Sikander Akhtar Syed, police questioned him about other suspects involved in the incident. Subsequently, a police team detained another suspect and began conducting searches in various areas of the city, including bus stations and railway stations. 

Meanwhile, another suspect, Shankar Tanaji Jadav, was located in the Rander area near the Navayug College, close to a snack cart. Upon apprehension, police interrogated Shankar regarding his involvement in the burglary incident.

Gold and Silver Ornaments, Clothing Stolen

Gold and Silver Ornaments, Clothing Stolen

Atul Sonara disclosed that the suspects stole various items from the house, including cash, gold ornaments, silver utensils, silver ornaments, and clothing. The apprehended suspects were seen discarding the stolen items along the road, which were subsequently seized by the police. 

The police have taken the suspects into custody. Additionally, in connection with this crime, the police have seized other valuable items, including gold and silver ornaments, besides cash, amounting to a total of Rs. 7,75,000.


One Arrested for 24, Another for 25 Burglaries in Maharashtra

Atul Sonara revealed that both apprehended suspects are habitual burglars. They conduct thorough reconnaissance of different areas and houses during the daytime. Subsequently, during the night, they either break locks or breach the rear grills of houses to enter and commit thefts of gold, silver, and cash. 

One of the apprehended suspects, Sikandar Akhtar Sayed, has been caught for his involvement in 24 burglaries across Maharashtra. Meanwhile, the other suspect, Shankar, has been apprehended for his role in 25 burglaries in Maharashtra. Currently, the police have taken both suspects into custody and are proceeding with legal action against them.

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