Surat’s Pal Extension Hotel Fire: Sudden Blaze at Time Cinema, Fire Department’s 6 Vehicles Rush to the Scene

In a startling incident at Time Cinema in Pal Extension, Surat, panic ensued as consecutive fires broke out. The outbreak of the fires prompted individuals to swiftly evacuate the premises, seeking safety due to the looming fear.

The Surat Fire Department promptly responded to the emergency, deploying personnel to the scene as soon as they were informed of the unfolding events. Upon arrival, firefighting efforts were initiated to gain control over the escalating situation and suppress the flames.

Fire Incidents Unfold at Time Cinema in Pal Extension, Surat

In a series of unfortunate events, a fire incident occurred at Time Cinema in Pal Extension, Surat. The cinema, situated near Galaxy Circle and in close proximity to Posh Vistaar’s hotel, witnessed consecutive fires on its fourth floor. The flames, visible from a distance, sparked a sense of fear among the residents and establishments in the vicinity.

As the fire rapidly spread, individuals in the immediate vicinity, including those on the fourth floor, were compelled to evacuate the premises. Alarmed by the intensifying situation, people ran for safety even before the flames could reach their location. The atmosphere in the surrounding area was charged with anxiety as onlookers witnessed the unfolding fire-related events.

The prompt response of the public was evident as soon as the fires broke out. People, regardless of their location on the fourth floor, made a hurried exit before the flames could escalate further. Simultaneously, emergency services were alerted, and fire department personnel were quick to arrive at the scene.

Various fire trucks from nearby fire stations converged on the site, displaying a coordinated effort to address the unfolding crisis. The incident underscores the importance of efficient emergency response systems and preparedness in densely populated areas.

Hydraulic Platform Assists Fire Department in Gaining Control Over Blaze at Time Cinema

In a rapid and coordinated response to a fire incident at Time Cinema, Surat, the Fire Department employed hydraulic platforms to gain control over the escalating flames. Six fire trucks swiftly reached the scene, and due to the urgency of the situation, a hydraulic platform was strategically utilized to maneuver a water nozzle and target the blaze effectively.

The hydraulic platform played a crucial role in addressing the fire, especially on the fourth floor of Time Cinema, where the flames were most intense. The versatility of the hydraulic platform allowed for precise control and maneuverability, enabling firefighters to direct water onto the fire with precision.

The swift deployment of this hydraulic platform showcased the Fire Department’s commitment to utilizing advanced technology for effective emergency response. The platform facilitated access to elevated areas, providing firefighters with a strategic vantage point to combat the fire efficiently.

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