Tragic Incident in Surendranagar: Three Laborers Killed, Six Injured as Tractor-Trolley Collides with Electric Wire near Bubvana

Near Bubvana in Surendranagar, a tragic incident occurred involving laborers and a tractor-trolley colliding with an electric wire. Regrettably, three laborers lost their lives due to electric shock at the scene, while six others were injured. The deceased and the injured hailed from Alirajpur Taluka in the Jambua District of Madhya Pradesh. The electric shock was so severe that it caused the tractor’s front tires to burst. This unfortunate event underscores the grave consequences of electrical accidents and the urgent need for heightened safety measures in such work environments.

Police Convoy Rushes to the Scene of Major Accident near Bubvana, Surendranagar

Today, a significant tragedy has unfolded near Bubvana in Surendranagar. A tractor-trolley collided with an electric wire, resulting in the loss of three lives due to electric shock, while six others sustained injuries. A police contingent, including officers from the Dasaada Police Station and V.I. Khadiya, hurried to the village of Bubvana in response to the urgent incident.

Serious Accident in Viramgam: Police Escort Rushes to the Scene

Serious Accident in Viramgam: Police Escort Rushes to the Scene

In a tragic incident near Viramgam, the Dasaada Police rushed to the scene as three laborers’ bodies were sent to the government hospital for post-mortem. Those injured were promptly taken to the Viramgam Hospital for urgent medical care. The police are diligently investigating the accident, recognizing the gravity of the situation, particularly concerning the casualties. The police contingent, including PSI V.I. Khadiya, hurried to the village of Bubvana in response to the urgent incident. 

Present to oversee the situation were the Prant Collector IAS Jayantsinh Rathod, Mamlatdar G.P. Patel, and Deputy Mamlatdar Raghubhai Khambhala, along with their respective staff. The incident occurred while the laborers were traveling to the fields on a tractor, which underscores the importance of safety precautions in such endeavors.

Sarpanch had earlier submitted a written representation to PGVCL regarding low wires

The Sarpanch Previously Filed a Written Request to PGVCL Regarding the Low-Hanging Wires

Previously, the Sarpanch of Bubvana had submitted a written request to PGVCL regarding the issue of low-hanging wires. The request highlighted concerns about the wires posing a threat to individuals passing by, particularly when traveling via vehicles or on foot. Unfortunately, the tragic incident involving a tractor-trolley, laden with laborers, navigating from the village to the fields occurred before any action was taken to address the issue of the low-hanging wires.

Deceased Individuals:

Deceased Individuals:

  1. Urmilaben Ajaybhai (Age: 25 years)
  2. Laduben Bharmabhai (Age: 50 years)
  3. Kajubhai Mohanbhai (Age: 35 years)

Injured Persons:

  1. Baliben Labhubhai
  2. Nareshbhai Mohanbhai
  3. Surmajee Niketbhai
  4. Sukhiben Kalubhai
  5. Rud Kajubhai

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