Tragic Incident: Boyfriend Fatally Assaults Young Woman in 34 Seconds as Bystanders Watch

Gruesome Incident in Vasai, Mumbai: Girl Killed by Lover in Public

A horrifying incident has surfaced in Vasai, Mumbai, where a deranged lover brutally murdered a 20-year-old girl by striking her on the head with an iron sheet. The murder was so ruthless and public that it left onlookers in shock. In just 34 seconds, the assailant inflicted 15 blows on the girl in the middle of the road, continuing the attack until she succumbed. The Valiv police have arrested the accused and initiated a thorough investigation.

Entire Incident Captured on CCTV

The CCTV footage shows people walking on the street when a girl with a bag over her shoulder passes by. Suddenly, a man attacks her from behind. The girl falls to the ground and tries to get up, but the assailant continues his relentless assault. The attacker repeatedly and brutally strikes the girl as she lies on the ground. Despite the efforts of several people to intervene, the attacker does not stop. The girl’s bag momentarily shields her head from the blows, but the attacker viciously pushes it aside and continues his merciless attack.

Onlookers Shocked by Brutal Murder in Vasai

Witnesses were left horrified as they watched a girl lying on the road, writhing in pain, while the assailant continued his attack. Despite some attempts by bystanders to intervene, their efforts were in vain. After committing the murder, the attacker stood amidst the crowd, showing no intention of fleeing. The gruesome video of the incident has left many shaken to their core, unable to fathom the brutality displayed in broad daylight.

Couple was on Their Way to Work, Argument Ensued

According to the police, Rohit and Aarti were on their way to work when an argument broke out between them. Following the dispute, Rohit retrieved an iron sheet from somewhere and struck Aarti on the head from behind. He continued to assault her until she succumbed to her injuries.

Witnesses Could Have Prevented the Incident if They Had Shown Courage: Jayraj Narvare

Commenting on the incident, police officer Jayraj Narvare stated that the girl was on her way to work at around 9:45 AM when her former lover attacked her with a bolt-tightening iron sheet, repeatedly striking her on the head and ultimately killing her. The couple had been in a romantic relationship, but the girl had ended it and was suspected by the attacker to be involved with someone else. Fueled by this suspicion, the assailant murdered her. The video of this incident is currently viral on social media, with people watching in shock. Narvare emphasized that if bystanders had shown courage and intervened, the girl might have been saved. A case of murder (Section 302) has been registered. The body has been sent for post-mortem, and the accused has been arrested as the investigation continues.

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