Turkish Cave Researcher Rescued After 9 Days at 3400-Foot Depth

In Turkey, a researcher who was trapped in a cave at a depth of 3,400 feet has been safely rescued after 9 days. A rescue operation involving 180 people from 6 countries was carried out. The trapped researcher, Mark Dickie, who is 40 years old, got stuck in the deepest part of a cave in the third-largest cave in Turkey, where he was conducting mapping work.

He fell ill on September 2nd and got trapped in the cave. Efforts to rescue him began shortly after. On Monday night at 9:37 PM, he was brought out safely. He was then transported to a nearby hospital by a helicopter.

“I Thought I Wouldn’t Survive,” Says Mark

Mark Dickie expressed his gratitude to the rescuers. He mentioned that his son is now safe, and they don’t need any more rescuers. After being brought out of the cave, he felt much better. He said, “I thought I wouldn’t survive.”

Rescue efforts in the cave were very challenging due to the presence of water and steep, narrow passages. As the rescue team descended deeper into the cave, the darkness increased, and the temperature dropped rapidly. This made it more difficult for them to move forward. As a result, the rescue team had to split the cave into 6 sections, each with its own responsibilities. They also brought a doctor with them so that immediate medical care could be provided to Mark Dickie.

Any healthy and experienced person takes about 15 hours to exit the cave where Mark Dickie was trapped. The cave had obstacles such as steep inclines, but due to the very narrow passages, it also had the risk of claustrophobia. The total depth of the cave is 13,000 feet.

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