Vadodara Education Committee Notices: 20 Schools Shut, Saving 10,000 Lives Post Tragedy

Following the tragic incident at Harni-Motnath Lake, the city’s Primary Education Committee has effectively implemented its strategy. As per the Vadodara Municipal Corporation’s directive, the committee has issued notices to immediately shut down 20 deteriorating schools spread across various areas of the city, potentially saving the lives of around 10,000 children. In the coming days, arrangements will be made to accommodate these students in nearby schools. The timely execution of this decision by the committee underscores its foresight and capability, which could have been crucial had circumstances not compelled immediate action.

Nagar Primary Education Committee.

Vadodara Municipal Corporation Allocates Budget of INR 233 Crores for Primary Education Committee

For the past 27 years, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has governed the Vadodara Municipal Corporation. Under its administration, the Vadodara Municipal Corporation’s Primary Education Committee has been responsible for providing education to economically disadvantaged and middle-class children in Vadodara. The committee prepares its budget annually, and this year, it has allocated a budget of INR 233 crores. Approximately 80% of this budget is earmarked for operational expenses. The remaining funds will be utilized for school renovations and various programs aimed at enhancing educational standards across the city.

A school that preys on children.

Vadodara Municipal Corporation Takes Action on Dilapidated Schools

Due to the negligence of the Vadodara Municipal Corporation, the condition of schools managed by the Vadodara Primary Education Committee has deteriorated over time. The unfortunate situation obliges economically disadvantaged children attending committee schools to undergo education amidst life-threatening conditions. Had it not been for the tragedy at Motnath Talav, where approximately 10,000 children were studying in dilapidated buildings, urgent action to address the deteriorating schools would not have been initiated. 

Following the boat tragedy, the committee expedited the assessment of dilapidated school buildings. Out of the 119 schools under the committee’s purview, notices were issued today to immediately close 20 schools identified as severely dilapidated, ensuring the safety of students and faculty members.

A closed school.

Parents and Children Struggle with School Closures Notice

Following the issuance of closure notices by the Vadodara Primary Education Committee, parents and children are facing challenges, especially in schools located within a 100-meter radius of the affected institutions. Implementing alternative arrangements for students attending these nearby schools has become a formidable task. The abrupt news of school closures has left parents and children grappling with uncertainties and disruptions in their educational routines.

The condition of the schools is pathetic.

Arrangements Underway Following School Closure Notices

Minesh Pandya, the Chairman of the Vadodara Primary Education Committee, has announced that following the boat tragedy, the Corporation has issued notices to 20 schools under the committee’s jurisdiction. Among these schools, the majority are severely affected. Alternative arrangements for students attending these schools will be organized. The arrangements are expected to be finalized within the next 10-15 days.

Children and parents are confused.

Corporation’s Accountability

It has been further emphasized that the responsibility for constructing new schools and carrying out renovations lies with the Corporation. The recent correspondence by the teachers of the committee schools, who have been engaging in letter exchanges for school renovations with the Corporation’s ward offices over the past five years, has not yielded any tangible action. Today, members of the committee also met to discuss the dilapidated condition of the city’s schools.

Committee's Helplessness

Committee’s Helplessness

Minesh Pandya, the Chairman of the Vadodara Primary Education Committee, further highlighted that 80% of the committee’s budget is allocated for operational expenses. The remaining portion of the budget is earmarked for administrative purposes. The responsibility for the repair and maintenance of the committee schools lies with both the Corporation and the State Government, as part of the ongoing Education for All campaign.

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