Accident: 400 Tons of Wheat Spilled as Tanks Collapse in Vadodara Flour Mill

In a tragic incident at Poonam Roller Flour Mill Private Limited located within the boundaries of Alindra village in Savli taluka of Vadodara, a collapse occurred during the night. Two laborers were trapped underneath, resulting in one fatality, while the other was critically injured and rushed to Sayaji Hospital in Vadodara for treatment. One laborer managed to escape while fetching water.

It has been reported that the company is engaged in the production of flour. The incident has caused concern among the residents of Alindra village. The company, Poonam Roller Flour Mill Private Limited, is owned by Ghanshyam Hareshbhai Lalvani, with operations managed by Chetanbhai Prajapati. The company specializes in the production of flour from wheat.

During the collapse incident, two laborers were trapped underneath. This company deals with large tanks, where wheat grains are stored. Work was ongoing in the company during the night when the collapse occurred. Among the two laborers who were working at the time, Irshad Hasanbhai Sheikh (aged 22) and Ashu Mohammed (aged 32), were crushed under 400 tons of wheat grains. Irshad Sheikh succumbed to his injuries, while the other laborer escaped as he had gone to fetch water at another unit of the company.

To rescue the trapped laborers, the company’s manager, Chetanbhai Prajapati, was informed, and they rushed to the scene. Meanwhile, the police were informed to arrange for the rescue operation. The fire department’s staff also arrived at the scene. After some time, with the help of a JCB machine, the trapped laborers were freed from the wheat grains. Among them, Irshad Sheikh’s lifeless body was recovered. While Ashu Mohammed was rushed to Vadodara Sayaji Hospital in critical condition in an ambulance.

In an incident involving wheat grain processing, one laborer lost his life. Manjusar Police Inspector Vijay Kumar Tank informed that the laborer was engaged in processing wheat grains to produce flour in the company. The accident occurred during this process. Irshad Sheikh, a resident of Delhi and employed in the same company, succumbed to his injuries. Meanwhile, Ashu Mohammed was rushed to the hospital for treatment. One laborer escaped as he went to fetch water. Both laborers were trapped under 400 tons of wheat grains. The owner of the company is Ghanshyambhai Lalvani. Other laborers were on leave due to the Holi festival, which is why only these two laborers were working at the time of the incident.

The family of the deceased is being informed.

Chetan Prajapati, the company’s manager, has informed that the accident occurred due to a scaffold collapse. Two laborers were trapped, resulting in one fatality. Irshad, who lost his life, will be met by his family members. The condition of the other laborer is improving.

Police investigation has begun.

The authorities, led by the police, have initiated an investigation into the incident where Alindra Panth’s construction led to an unfortunate death. Further scrutiny of the construction is being conducted by the police’s special investigation team.

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