Fraudulent Ghee Sellers in Vadodara: Thug Women Escape with Cash, Fake Gold Coins, and Jewellery – CCTV Evidence

In a distressing incident in Vadodara, a couple found themselves ensnared in a cunning scheme orchestrated by three women posing as ghee sellers. The duplicitous encounter unfolded when the trio, seemingly innocent at first, expressed their desire to provide ghee for dinner at a nominal price.

Moved by compassion, the couple warmly welcomed the women into their home. Subsequently, the fraudulent individuals cunningly requested a bottle of milk, claiming it was necessary to settle Jamadya’s debt. Promising to return the next day, the impostors left the premises.

True to their word, two women returned the following day, bearing a fabricated tale of discovering a cache of gold and silver-like items while digging a pit. One of the women presented the couple with a counterfeit gold coin, furthering their deceitful narrative.

To the couple’s dismay, the other woman disavowed any knowledge of the purportedly valuable findings and, in an unexpected turn, revealed the true nature of the scheme. Seizing the opportunity, the fraudsters absconded with a substantial sum of Rs 3.75 lakh in cash and genuine gold jewelry valued at Rs 5.60 lakh, leaving the couple in financial distress.

The entire episode was captured on CCTV, providing crucial evidence for the ongoing investigation by the taluka police. The authorities are diligently reviewing the footage to identify and apprehend the perpetrators responsible for this duplicitous act.

Deceptive Ghee Sellers Target Vadodara Resident in Fraudulent Scheme

A formal complaint has been filed at the taluka police station regarding an incident involving the fraudulent sale of ghee. According to the complaint, Taraben, also known as Tejalben Himeshbhai Mistry, a 42-year-old resident of Suthar Paliya in Bhayli village, and her family fell victim to a deceptive scheme on December 30, 2023.

Taraben, a contractor, resides with her husband and two children. On the mentioned date, Taraben and her mother-in-law, Geethaben, were present at home around noon. At this time, two women arrived in Paliya, purportedly selling country-made ghee. Taraben decided to welcome the women into her home, where they engaged in the purchase of ghee.

The complainant alleges that, under the guise of a legitimate transaction, Taraben acquired 2 kilograms of ghee from the women at a cost of one thousand rupees. It is crucial to note that this seemingly ordinary transaction laid the groundwork for a subsequent deceptive scheme, ultimately resulting in financial loss for Taraben and her family.

Thug women captured on CCTV.

Innocent Hospitality Exploited: Vadodara Resident Falls Victim to Deceptive Tactics

In a distressing turn of events, Taraben, residing in Suthar Paliya in Bhayli village, Vadodara, found herself ensnared in a deceitful scheme after extending an act of hospitality. According to the narrative provided in the complaint filed with the taluka police, Taraben, a 42-year-old contractor, encountered two women selling country-made ghee on December 30, 2023.

Moved by compassion, Taraben invited the women into her home and generously offered them a meal. During the course of the meal, the women, claiming to be hungry, requested food from Taraben, who, in a sympathetic gesture, provided them with nourishment. Little did she know that this act of kindness would lead to a deceptive plot.

Following the meal, the women asserted that they had been deceived and purportedly needed to settle a debt. They informed Taraben that they would return the next day with milk and requested a container to carry it. Trusting the apparent sincerity of the women, Taraben handed them a plastic container for the promised milk.

As the women departed, they left Taraben with an unexpected request to keep her husband at home, stating their intention to consult with him. This unforeseen turn of events left Taraben unsuspecting of the impending fraudulent activities that would later unfold.

Vadodara Couple Further Deceived as Women Return with False Gold Coin

In a continuation of the deceptive scheme, the two women who initially approached Taraben Mistry under the pretext of selling milk returned to her residence on December 31, 2023, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. At the time of their arrival, Taraben’s husband, Himeshbhai Mistry, was not present at home. Consequently, Taraben promptly called her husband to join the encounter.

Upon Himeshbhai’s arrival, the two women, seemingly emboldened by their previous successful deception, persuaded the Mistry couple to sit before them. In a cunning move, one of the women presented Taraben with a gold coin conspicuously tied at the end of her saree.

Trustingly, Taraben accepted the coin and shared the discovery with her husband, Himeshbhai, and her mother-in-law, Geethaben. Unbeknownst to the Mistry family, this act of apparent goodwill marked the continuation of a fraudulent ploy.

The mother-in-law married thug women.

Deceptive Scheme Intensifies: Women Claim Discovery of Valuables While Digging

In a sinister turn of events, the two women involved in the deceptive scheme unfolded a fabricated narrative of an extraordinary discovery while engaging in purportedly innocent activities. According to the account provided by the Mistry couple, one of the women left the residence, while the other summoned Gagiben. Seizing the opportunity, the remaining woman initiated a conversation with Himeshbhai and Taraben Mistry.

During this interaction, the woman seated in the house subtly broached the topic of the pricing of the desi ghee they had been selling. Inquiring whether the couple found the offered rates acceptable, the woman received an affirmative response.

However, the conversation took a deceptive turn when the woman disclosed a supposed connection to a wealthy individual, referring to him as “Seth,” who owned a cowshed near Mota Road. According to her account, while excavating a pit for a stove to facilitate curd-making from milk, an unexpected trove was unearthed, brimming with items resembling gold and silver.

Unveiling of Alleged Valuables and Unknown Involvement of “Soni”

In a further escalation of the deceptive scheme, the Mistry couple found themselves confronted with a mysterious twist. As the narrative unfolds, a woman strategically placed a bag in front of the couple, signaling the commencement of a potentially elaborate ruse.

Taking advantage of the contractor, Hiteshbhai Mistry’s confidence, the woman engaged him in conversation, seeking advice on how to handle the newfound items resembling gold and silver. The details surrounding the discovery remained shrouded in mystery, leaving the couple in a state of confusion and vulnerability.

Amidst this perplexing situation, the complexity of the deception intensified when two additional women entered the scene. These newcomers presented a plastic bag brimming with coins that radiated a golden sheen. The women, seemingly detached from the veracity of the discovery, expressed uncertainty regarding its authenticity.

In a puzzling turn of events, the women suggested that the alleged findings should be shown to someone named “Soni.” However, the Mistry couple found themselves at a loss, as they had no knowledge of who “Soni” was or how to reach them. This revelation added an element of suspense and intrigue to an already convoluted narrative.

Women Demand Ten Lakhs After Presenting Coins

In a distressing turn of events, the deceptive scheme perpetrated against the Mistry couple took a more sinister trajectory as the women escalated their tactics. Following the presentation of coins resembling gold and silver, the perpetrators advanced the deception by demanding a staggering ten lakh rupees from the unsuspecting victims.

To support their demand, the women proposed that the Mistry couple check the weight of the bag purportedly filled with valuable coins. Acting upon this suggestion, the couple held the bag in their hands and discovered that it weighed merely 500 grams. It was at this juncture that the extortion plot unfolded with greater intensity.

With the bag of coins in their possession, the woman leading the scheme, presumably the mastermind, brazenly demanded Hiteshbhai to provide them with a sum of ten lakh rupees. In response, the Mistry couple, understandably taken aback, conveyed the unavailability of such a substantial amount within their household. They disclosed having a cash amount of Rs 3,75,000 at that moment.

Deceptive Extortion Culminates in Substantial Loss for Vadodara Couple

In a distressing conclusion to the ongoing deceptive scheme, the Mistry couple succumbed to the pressure and handed over a substantial sum of valuables and cash to the fraudulent women. Driven by temptation and coercion, the couple made significant sacrifices under the illusion that they were resolving an intricate and fabricated situation.

As the perpetrators demanded immediate payment, the Mistry couple, in a moment of vulnerability, removed their jewelry and surrendered it to the deceptive women. In response, the perpetrators, adopting a calculated approach, specified that the available cash should be handed over promptly, while the remainder could be arranged within two days. Additionally, they suggested that the couple maintain broken gold items in their home.

In compliance with the coercive demands, the Mistry couple relinquished 500 grams of gold coins, five broken gold children’s rings, Taraben’s personal one tola chain, Hiteshbhai’s 12-gram gold locket, a 10-gram gold pendant for ladies, and a meager Rs 3.75 lakh in cash. The total value of the surrendered items and cash amounted to Rs 5,60,000.

Return of Jewelry Hinges on Cash Arrangement

In a brazen display of audacity, the fraudulent women who orchestrated the deceptive scheme delivered a shocking ultimatum to the Mistry couple after absconding with their cash and genuine gold jewelry. Following the coercive acquisition of valuables, the women callously informed the victims that they should arrange the specified cash within the next two to three days.

Adding a layer of complexity to their deceit, the perpetrators declared their intent to return the jewelry once the cash demand was met. This sudden revelation left the Mistry couple stunned, further underscoring the calculated and remorseless nature of the deceptive individuals.

Taluka police started investigation.

Lodges Complaint Against Fraudulent Women

The Mistry couple, having fallen victim to the deceptive scheme orchestrated by the rogue women, took decisive action by filing a formal complaint against the perpetrators. The couple’s proactive response unfolded when the promised return of the deceptive women failed to materialize within the stipulated three-day period.

Faced with this delay, the Mistry couple, now suspicious of the authenticity of the gold-looking coins provided by the women, conducted a verification, only to discover that the coins were, in fact, fake. The shocking revelation that the purported gold coins were counterfeit intensified the couple’s dismay, prompting them to take immediate legal action.

Taraben, also known as Tejalben Hiteshbhai Mistry, initiated the legal process by lodging a comprehensive complaint against the three fraudulent women at the Taluka Police Station. Senior PSI in charge of the Taluka Police Station, A. O. Bharwad, has assumed responsibility for the case and is actively leading the investigation.

In an effort to apprehend the rogue women and bring them to justice, the police have initiated a thorough investigation, leveraging the collection of CCTV footage from the relevant area. The evidence obtained through surveillance footage will be instrumental in identifying the culprits and building a case against them.

Vadodara Resident Describes Deceptive Encounter: A Plea for Justice

Hiteshbhai Mistry, victimized by the thug women who initially posed as ghee sellers and later orchestrated an elaborate scam, has come forward to share his harrowing experience. Describing the events leading up to the fraudulent act, Mistry revealed that the women had initially visited his residence under the guise of selling country ghee.

Claiming to offer the product at a significantly reduced price of Rs 500, despite its market value being Rs 800, the deceptive women enticed Mistry to call them to his home for a purchase. However, the situation took a dark turn when, on the following day, the women returned ostensibly to deliver milk, eventually striking a deal for an exorbitant sum of Rs 10 lakh by presenting fake gold coins.

Regrettably, the couple fell victim to the fraudulent scheme as the women absconded with Rs 3.75 lakh in cash and genuine gold jewelry. Expressing his hope for justice, Mistry emphasized the importance of police intervention to apprehend the culprits identified through CCTV footage and to facilitate the return of the stolen property.

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