Late Night Commotion in Vadodara: Youth Live on Instagram Leads to Disturbing Comments, Police Called as Stone Pelting Erupts

In Vadodara, several youths gathered outside the Navapura Police Station following a contentious religious comment on Instagram. They demanded the apprehension of the alleged perpetrator. Suddenly, around 150 people surged from Khatkiwad, engaging in stone-pelting. The situation quickly escalated into violence. Police swiftly took control of the situation, dispersing the crowd and launching an investigation. 

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Leena Patil, rushed to the scene, overseeing the entire area. A search is underway to identify those responsible for the stone-pelting incident, highlighting the need for swift action and community dialogue to prevent such flare-ups in the future.

The picture after the stone pelting.

Police Resort to Lathi Charge Amidst Stone Pelting

During the protest, police resorted to lathi charge against the agitating youths. Several stalls suffered damage due to the stone pelting. Hindu youth organizations alleged that the police did not take action against those who instigated the violence by pelting stones and instead, they were subjected to lathi charge.


Social Media Live Broadcast Leads to Controversy

In Krishna Township Flats located in Vadodara’s Gotri area, Jatin Arjunbhai Patel lodged a complaint at the Navapura Police Station. He mentioned that he runs a mobile accessories shop in the lane of Rajmahal Road and uses Instagram to announce the shop’s offers to his customers. On the evening of February 21, 2024, around 7:23 PM, he was live on Instagram around his shop. Consequently, he sent best wishes to his customers, uttering “Jai Shri Ram”.

police combed the entire area

Religious Provocation and Prompt Response

Following a religiously provocative comment, I was making an announcement about an offer. In the midst of it, a user named sahid-patel-7070 on Instagram posted an offensive and derogatory comment. Upon noticing this comment and investigating, it was discovered that the individual’s name is Sahid Patel (Residing at Gujarat Housing Board, Mahalaxmi Society, Padra, Vadodara). Attempts to reach him via phone were unsuccessful, but he promptly deleted the commenter’s photo from his Instagram ID.

stone thrown at the crowd

I Was Threatened:

Our Hindu organization’s activists went to his house to investigate, but he wasn’t found there. Later, when I spoke to Sahid over the phone, he began to intimidate me with abusive language. He arrogantly stated, “I am in Padra, if you have the guts, come to Padra.” Feeling threatened by his post and religious provocation, I have filed a complaint against him at the Navapura Police Station.

gathered outside the police station

Stone Pelting Incident

Following the incident, Hindu organizations had gathered outside the Navapura Police Station late at night, chanting “Jai Shri Ram.” The accused, Sahid Patel, was stubbornly not present until then, resulting in a persistent insistence that he should be brought from wherever he was to the spot. At this time, a large crowd had gathered outside the police station. 

Subsequently, around 12:50 AM, suddenly, a group of 100 to 150 people gathered from the streets of Khatkiwad and started pelting stones near the police station. This led to a confrontation with the police and initiated stone pelting on those who were protesting.

Talked to the police

Police Disperses the Crowd

The team from the Navapura Police Station quickly took action and dispersed the crowd. Although some of the youth present were agitated by the incident, the police managed to control the situation. They took control of the crowd of 100 to 150 people who were gathered in front of the police station. A comprehensive investigation has been initiated, and efforts to identify the culprits are underway.

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