Young Man Tragically Commits Suicide in Vadodara’s Navlakhi VNF Garba Ground

At the Navlakhi Garba Ground in Vadodara, an unfortunate incident has occurred where a person hung himself at a height of 22 feet using a wire, leading to a chaotic situation. Upon learning of the incident, the Raopura Police rushed to the scene and have initiated further investigations into this matter.

The fire brigade lowered the body from the pole.

In Navlakhi VNF Garba Ground, a young man was found hanging from a light pole. Passersby informed the fire brigade and the police about the incident. The fire brigade team then lowered the young man’s body from the pole, and it was handed over to the Raopura Police. The police have sent the body for post-mortem and are conducting further investigations into the circumstances surrounding the young man’s death.

The body was handed over to the police.

Pratap Damor, a firefighter from Dandiya Bazar, informed that they received a call at 8:38 in the morning. From the Badabadi Bagh control room, they received information that a person was hanging on a light tower. They immediately arrived at the scene. At that time, there were no security guards present, but some people had gathered there. The young man’s body was lowered from a height of 22 feet, and it was handed over to the police.

Security guards were not present at the scene. It was further reported that the young man had hung himself from a light tower. If there had been security guards present, he might not have been allowed to climb the tower, but no security guards were on duty at the time.

The cause of the incident remains unclear. During the Navratri festival, incidents like these have occurred in the Garba Ground, where young individuals have resorted to self-harm. The identity of the deceased young man is still unknown, and the Raopura Police have initiated an investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding this incident.

The identity of the deceased remains unknown.

Pooja Tiwari, the PI (Police Inspector) of the Raopura Police Station, informed that this morning, players at the Navlakhi Ground were engaged in sports activities. They noticed the young man’s lifeless body and immediately informed the ambulance, which then alerted us. As a result, our staff rushed to the scene, and the body was sent to Sayaji Hospital for post-mortem. The deceased’s identity has not been determined yet, and an investigation into identifying the family is underway. It is initially suspected that the incident occurred early in the morning. Further details will be available in the post-mortem report.

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