Vibrant Gujarat Summit: Advisory – Arrive 3 Hours Early for Increased Charter Flights at Ahmedabad Airport (Jan 9-12)

In anticipation of the 10th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, scheduled to take place from January 10 to 12 at the Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad is poised to host Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 9. The Prime Minister’s visit will be marked by a road show from Ahmedabad Airport to Gandhi Ashram, presenting an occasion for greeting the people of Ahmedabad. As a result, the Ahmedabad Airport is expected to experience increased VIP presence over the course of these four days.

In light of this, the Ahmedabad Airport Authority has proactively issued an advisory to mitigate potential inconvenience to regular passengers. The purpose of this advisory is to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for all travelers during this period of heightened VIP activity.

Early Arrival Advisory for Ahmedabad Airport During Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit

In a proactive measure, the Airport Authority has issued an advisory anticipating heightened passenger traffic at Ahmedabad Airport from January 9 to 12, coinciding with the 10th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. In light of this, all passengers are urged to plan their journeys meticulously, allowing for additional time to ensure a smooth travel experience.

The advisory underscores the imperative need to reach the airport three hours prior to the scheduled flight time. This precautionary measure is in line with the expected surge in passenger activity during the specified period, aimed at accommodating enhanced security protocols and facilitating efficient passenger processing.

Furthermore, the advisory acknowledges the potential for increased vehicular traffic on the route leading to the airport. Passengers are advised to factor in this possibility and make necessary arrangements to arrive well in advance, minimizing any impact on their travel schedules.

Anticipated Surge in Passenger Traffic at Ahmedabad Airport during Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit

As the 10th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit approaches, Ahmedabad Airport, a key aviation hub in the western region of the country and the busiest in Gujarat, is expected to witness a significant increase in passenger traffic. The airport, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, is a preferred choice for VVIP movement owing to its strategic location near Gandhinagar.

Given its prominence, Ahmedabad Airport is poised to host a multitude of flights, including chartered ones, during the period from January 9 to 12. Consequently, the overall passenger count at the airport is projected to surge substantially.

Businessmen from home and abroad will come

International Business Delegations to Converge at Ahmedabad Airport During Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit

With the imminent arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad, a confluence of officials, presidents, and business leaders from both domestic and international arenas is anticipated. Tomorrow marks the commencement of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, attracting a cohort of distinguished businessmen who will be arriving at Ahmedabad Airport via their chartered flights to participate in this prestigious event.

The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit serves as a platform for fostering collaborations, exchanging ideas, and exploring investment opportunities, making it a significant draw for business leaders worldwide. As part of their participation, these eminent personalities will make use of charter flights, converging at Ahmedabad Airport, the gateway to this momentous business summit.

Surge in Charter Flight Inquiries as Ahmedabad Airport Gears Up for Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit

As the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit approaches, preparations are underway at Ahmedabad Airport to accommodate a significant influx of charter flights, with the anticipated commencement of landings scheduled from the early morning of January 10. The Airport Authority has reported a notable surge in inquiries for charter flights, signaling the heightened interest and participation expected during the three-day period from January 10 to 12.

In collaboration with the General Aviation (G.A.) terminal at Ahmedabad Airport, which is specifically designed to cater to VVIP movements and charter flights, state-of-the-art facilities have been meticulously arranged to ensure the seamless arrival and departure of these distinguished flights. The G.A. terminal’s advanced amenities are poised to provide an unparalleled experience for passengers and facilitate efficient movement through the terminal.

At present there are enough stands to accommodate 40 to 50 flights.

Adequate Stand Capacity at Ahmedabad Airport for Charter Flights During Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit

Notably, Ahmedabad Airport currently boasts a substantial number of stands, sufficient to accommodate approximately 40 to 50 flights concurrently. This strategic capability positions Ahmedabad as a robust hub, well-prepared to handle the anticipated surge in charter flights during the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit.

To ensure efficient operations and manage potential overflow, a proactive approach has been adopted, wherein the airport authorities have communicated with neighboring airports, including Vadodara, Surat, and Rajkot. These airports have been informed in advance about the possibility of diverting excess charter flights in the event that the capacity at Ahmedabad Airport reaches its limit. This collaborative effort aims to seamlessly redirect traffic and mitigate any potential congestion at Ahmedabad Airport.

Furthermore, the transit pattern of certain charter flights originating from Mumbai has been strategically structured to deliver VIPs to Ahmedabad before returning to Mumbai. This operational approach optimizes the utilization of resources and enhances the overall efficiency of the air traffic system.

Comprehensive Health Preparations Underway for Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit

As the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit draws near, a significant influx of international and domestic businessmen, accompanied by health department teams, is expected to converge in Ahmedabad. This prestigious event, attracting participants from various sectors, is also set to be attended by Union Ministers, further elevating its significance on a national scale. With such distinguished guests in attendance, the likelihood of increased demand for airport services and hotel accommodations is anticipated.

Recognizing the potential surge in visitor numbers, particularly with the inclusion of health department teams and government officials, comprehensive arrangements have been put in place to ensure the well-being of all participants. In anticipation of the heightened activity, it is anticipated that both the airport and hotels in Ahmedabad may experience peak occupancy.

To address the health and safety needs of the attendees, Ahmedabad’s District Health Department has organized four teams stationed at Asarwa Civil, dedicated to monitoring and safeguarding the health of summit participants. Additionally, proactive measures have been taken by health departments from neighboring districts, with four teams from Kheda, four from Surendranagar, and three from Anand arriving in Ahmedabad to augment the existing health infrastructure.

Mobile ICU Services

Mobile ICU Services and On-Site Medical Assistance Ensuring Health Preparedness at Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit

In an innovative approach to healthcare provision, Ahmedabad is set to introduce a state-of-the-art “ICU on Wheels” facility in the Civil area. This novel initiative is designed to bolster medical capabilities, offering critical care services in a mobile and agile format. Additionally, an ambulance, equipped with essential medical facilities and manned by a dedicated medical team, will be strategically stationed at both Ahmedabad Airport and the hotels hosting participants of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit.

These medical teams, consisting of four individuals per squad, will be deployed to conduct health screenings and provide immediate medical attention to individuals arriving at Terminal 2, specifically catering to international flight passengers at Ahmedabad Airport. Beyond routine medical assistance, the teams are trained to handle emergencies, ensuring a comprehensive approach to health care.

The deployment of approximately 15 teams, drawn from nearby districts, including Ahmedabad, underscores the meticulous planning and coordination underway to address the health needs of participants during the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. By strategically stationing these teams at key locations, organizers aim to create a responsive healthcare network capable of swiftly attending to any medical concerns that may arise during the event.

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