Women-Centric Career Fair and Conference Welcomes 3,500+ Professionals and Celebrates 130+ Achievers

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On September 2nd, an online career fair and awards exclusive to women brought together an impressive assembly of over 3,500 women professionals and more than 50 prominent hiring companies on a unified online platform. This dynamic event served as a forum for extensive discussions, constructive debates, and resounding applause, all underscoring the invaluable contributions of women in the workplace. The event reached its culmination with the highly anticipated HerRising Awards 2023, a prestigious ceremony that bestowed honours upon 130 exceptional women achievers across various categories.

Synchrony, IndusInd, Xperi, Taylor & Francis Group, Reltio, Micron, Mastercard, S&P Global, Equinix, KBR, and Moodys, included 50+ companies, that were live with their hiring booths to accelerate women’s careers on the day of the event.

The event featured a diverse lineup of industry experts, thought leaders, and successful women professionals who shared their insights, experiences, and guidance on achieving career success.

The event targeted women from all walks of life and professional backgrounds, including women in tech, newcomers, leaders, and returnees. The DivHERsity Benchmarking Report, powered by HerKey (formerly JobsForHer), shows promising trends in gender diversity: mid to senior-level female hires increased from 19% in 2021 to 26% in 2022, and senior to leadership roles surged from 13% in 2021 to an impressive 37% in 2022. These stats reflect a positive shift towards increased gender diversity in critical tech roles. Additionally, HerKeys database covers nearly 60% of women in tech, and a 20% increase in women in tech is anticipated for 2023-24 compared to the previous year.

Neha Bagaria, the Founder & CEO of HerKey (formerly known as JobsForHer), delivered a compelling message during her address at HerRising 2023: “As employers, experts, and allies, it is essential that we not only support womens careers but also champion them. Let us be the driving force propelling them to greater heights, recognizing that as they soar, our families, society, and economy will flourish in unison.” She also shared insights into her companys recent rebranding, stating, “The HerKey journey embarks on the transformation of JobsForHer into a lifelong career companion for women, forging connections with champions among employers, experts, and women networking among each other.”

Networking and community building are crucial for womens career sustainability. Prominent speakers at the event stressed their importance, enabling access to opportunities, guidance, and visibility. These networks also foster knowledge exchange and diverse perspectives, which are vital for professional growth. Notably, HerKeys report found that 75% of large enterprises have formal networks for women leaders.

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