Discover the Best Places to Find Affordable Liquor in India, Including Gujarat for Budget-Friendly Choices

Many liquor enthusiasts in Gujarat indulge in drinking in other states due to the liquor ban. But do you know where the cheapest alcohol is sold in India, and what are the reasons behind it?

Ahmedabad: Did you know which Indian state offers the cheapest liquor prices? If not, we’ll enlighten you. When it comes to the most expensive alcohol, Karnataka takes the lead. This is because Karnataka imposes the highest taxes on liquor. Perhaps this is why Goa has become the favorite destination for travelers.

While liquor is prohibited in Gujarat, liquor enthusiasts often venture outside the state to indulge in their passion. Therefore, it’s worth noting that the cheapest liquor in the country is found in Goa, as the Goan state government imposes the lowest taxes on alcohol. Goa, with its coastal beauty and affordable spirits, plays a significant role in attracting travelers seeking a good time.

According to the International Spirits and Wine Association of India, the prices of a bottle of whisky, rum, vodka, and gin vary significantly. In Goa, it’s priced at INR 100, in Delhi at INR 134, and in Karnataka at INR 513, while in Uttar Pradesh (UP), the cost is INR 197.

When discussing Rajasthan, whisky, rum, vodka, and gin, which are available for INR 100 in Goa, are priced at INR 134 in Haryana, INR 213 in Rajasthan, INR 226 in Maharashtra, and INR 246 in Telangana. The price variations can be attributed to the taxes imposed by the respective states. It’s important to note that in Goa, a 49% tax is levied on the MRP of liquor, while in Karnataka, it’s 83%, and in Maharashtra, it’s 71%.

For a considerable time, foreign companies have been demanding a reduction in the duty on the import of wines and spirits, which is as high as 150%. Foreign players are seeking tariff reductions under the trade agreements with the UK and the EU. As a result of local taxes, the price difference for a popular Scotch brand bottle is more than 20% between Delhi and Mumbai. For instance, a bottle of Black Label, priced at around INR 3,100 in Delhi, is sold for INR 4,000 in Mumbai.

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