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A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining a Liquor Permit in Vadodara

The consumption of non-vegetarian cuisine is largely eschewed by the predominant populace of this western Indian state, concomitant with the prohibition of alcohol.

Prior to reaching a conclusion about abstaining from a visit, it is imperative to acknowledge that non-vegetarian fare is readily accessible and procurable within this region. Furthermore, it is pertinent to note that travelers are lawfully authorized to acquire alcohol in the state through established legal channels. Presented herewith is a concise guide elucidating the process to facilitate your understanding.

For the procurement of liquor from a licensed liquor outlet in Vadodara, the following steps are imperative:

  1. Retain Boarding Card: Upon arrival at your destination, ensure the safekeeping of your boarding card. This card, alongside other requisite documentation, serves to substantiate your status as a tourist.
  2. Government IDs: Furnish a pair of valid government-issued identification documents, such as a driver’s license and/or a PAN card. Additionally, a digital copy of a passport-sized photograph is requisite. Should you hold a corporate ID featuring your local address, it can also be advantageous, especially if you are employed.
  3. Essential Documentation:
    1. Boarding Pass or Transport Receipt: Procure a document attesting to your transit, such as a boarding pass, an interstate bus ticket, a train ticket, or a highway toll receipt. This evidentiary record substantiates the time of your arrival.
    2. Two Government IDs: Ensure the provision of two distinct government identification cards, excluding Aadhaar. Both your physical driver’s license and a digital copy of your PAN card are acceptable alternatives. Alternatively, a voter card may also be presented.
    3. Passport-Size Photograph: Submission of a soft copy of a passport-sized photograph is mandatory.
    4. Local Address Validation: Validate your local address by presenting a certificate confirming a hotel reservation.

By adhering to these prerequisites, you will be equipped to successfully navigate the process of acquiring liquor from a permit liquor shop in Vadodara.

Application Procedure:

  1. Initiate Application Within Four Days: Commence the process of acquiring a liquor permit within a span of four days subsequent to your arrival in Gujarat.
  2. Select E-Permit Portal: Access the E-permit portal hosted by the state home department to initiate the application process.
  3. Profile Creation: Establish a comprehensive profile on the E-permit platform. Carefully adhere to the provided guidelines and instructions throughout the profile creation process.
  4. Document Submission: Furnish essential documentation by uploading digital copies onto the E-permit portal. Ensure that the submitted documents are accurate and meet the stipulated requirements.
  5. Payment Transaction:
    1. INR 70 Payment: Conclude the application process by effecting a payment of INR 70. This payment can be accomplished through the employment of netbanking or credit card facilities.
    2. Netbanking Option: Opting for netbanking incurs no additional charges.
    3. Credit Card Payment: Should you choose to pay via credit card, a nominal fee will be levied.
  6. Permit Download and Printout: Upon successful payment processing, your issued liquor permit will be made available for download. Subsequently, retrieve a hard copy printout of the acquired permit.
  7. Selection of Preferred Wine Shop: Select Express Wine Shop, located at Express Hotel, Alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat, renowned for its extensive assortment of alcoholic beverages, as your preferred destination for acquiring liquor.

It is noteworthy that Vadodara hosts three government-approved wine shops, with Express Hotels India acclaimed as the premier choice among these establishments, attributed to its diverse collection encompassing whiskey, wine, vodka, gin, rum, and other libations.

Validity and Renewal:

The granted liquor permits exhibit a validity period of seven days from the date of issuance. Importantly, these permits are subject to renewal for a maximum of three consecutive instances. Consequently, the total permissible duration for which alcohol can be purchased under a single permit extends to a cumulative span of four weeks.

Noteworthy is the policy delineated by the Gujarat government, which delineates that an individual’s status as a “visitor” ceases after a month’s stay within the state. Hence, individuals residing within the state for a duration surpassing the one-month threshold are not categorized as “visitors” for the purposes of liquor permit eligibility and are consequently precluded from obtaining further permits.

This regulation underscores the state’s discernment of extended stays as indicative of a more permanent affiliation, thereby delimiting the eligibility of such individuals from availing themselves of the visitor-oriented liquor permit privileges.

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