Create Engaging Vacation Activities for Kids at Rajkot Municipality’s Toys Library: Fun-filled 45-Day Vacation with Games & Puzzles!

Most schools are currently on vacation, leaving parents with one tension: how to plan a 45-day vacation for children? Children usually spend their vacations playing and passing time, but after a while, they get bored of the same activities and even parents who don’t want to spoil them with new games and puzzles for just Rs. 20 per month. Today, you will be informed about the Manpa’s managed 4 Toy Libraries in Rajkot, where children aged 2 to 13 can enjoy more than 10,000 games, puzzles, and other activities for just Rs. 20 per month.

Genesis of Toy Libraries

The Toy Libraries started in 1988-89. Sunil Detroja, Deputy Chief Librarian of Rajkot Manpas, announced that various types of toys are available for rent in 4 libraries managed by Rajkot Manpas. In 1988-89, the Prabhadevi Narayan Library initiated the Toy Library. Currently, Toy Libraries are active on Sadhuvaswani Road, Canal Road, and Shroff Road. Here, children can rent educational toys monthly for just Rs. 20. Approximately 40 people avail of this facility daily.

Membership and Regulations

Children aged 2 to 13 can get membership at Toy Libraries. When taking membership for the first time, a payment of Rs. 280 is required, including Rs. 60 for membership, Rs. 15 as entrance fee, Rs. 5 for form fee, and a deposit of Rs. 200. When canceling membership, the deposited Rs. 200 is refunded. Therefore, parents can provide their children with a new toy to play with every week by paying Rs. 20 per month. It’s essential to handle the toys with care because if they break or get lost, the full amount has to be paid.

Wide Range of Toys Available

It was further announced that Toy Libraries mainly prioritize electronic toys less. There are more wooden games and puzzles, reducing the chances of damage or loss. A significant variety of toys suitable for children aged 2 to 13, including toys, puzzles, games, and educational props, are available. Thus, children can enjoy both fun and learning through play. For those who cannot afford such toys or do not have space, Manpas provides a solution by allowing children to exchange toys every fortnight, which has received a very positive response from the people.

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