Massive Fire in Kathwada, Ahmedabad: Biotech Industries Ablaze, Magnesium Blasts Reported

Fire Incident at Kathwada GIDC

A fire broke out at a company named Biotech Industries located in Kathwada GIDC in the eastern part of the city. The fire started in the magnesium stock at a company producing Kangen water refills. Upon being informed, the fire brigade dispatched over 18 vehicles to the scene to control the blaze. Preliminary findings suggest that the fire spread further due to the magnesium stock in the testing lab and R&D department store. The FSL and police teams were also notified.

Fire Alert Received at 4:30 AM

According to information from the fire brigade, they received a message about a fire at Biotech Industries located at Road No. 5, Kathwada GIDC, in the eastern part of the city at 4:30 AM. Consequently, more than 18 fire brigade vehicles were immediately dispatched to the scene. Over 45 fire brigade personnel, including the Chief Fire Officer, Additional Chief Fire Officer, and Divisional Fire Officer, managed to bring the fire under control within two hours.

Fire Spread to Adjacent Steel Utensil Manufacturing Company

The fire that broke out at Biotech Industries was significant and spread to the neighboring Surabhi Steel Utensil Manufacturing Company, causing the packaging materials there to catch fire. The fire was eventually brought under control. As a precautionary measure, Gopal Industrial Park, located at the back, was evacuated, and approximately 40 people were safely removed from the area. Fortunately, there were no casualties reported in the entire incident. The fire brigade continued cooling operations until morning to ensure the fire was completely extinguished.

Fire at Seven Warehouses Three Days Ago

Three days ago, a fire broke out in the tin-shed warehouses located at Patel Maidan in Danilimda, Ahmedabad. The fire spread to a total of seven nearby warehouses. Upon receiving the report, first response vehicles from five nearby fire stations arrived at the scene to begin firefighting efforts. A total of 18 fire trucks were deployed, using water jets to control the blaze. Fortunately, there were no injuries or casualties reported in this incident. Smoke ventilation and search operations were conducted, with forced entry made in seven locations to manage firefighting and cooling. The fire was brought under control by 4 PM, with full containment achieved by 7:30 PM.

Using Robots to Control Fire in a Cloth Warehouse

A significant fire also broke out at the large cloth warehouse of Kohinoor Creations Private Limited, located behind Chhipa Kua near the old cattle market in Danilimda. The fire was so intense that firefighters could not reach inside, necessitating the use of advanced technology robots. The Ahmedabad Fire Brigade employed these robots to extinguish the fire, operating them for two continuous hours to gain control. The tin shed structure collapsed due to the severity of the fire. Heavy machinery like JCBs was also used to assist in firefighting efforts.

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