Flu Virus: 7 out of 10 Children Develop Cough, Cold, and Fever due to 15-Degree Temperature Difference Between Day and Night

In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, a sudden onset of heat following the cold spell has resulted in a surge of cases of flu among the city’s children. Hospitals are witnessing approximately 6,000 cases daily, primarily involving symptoms such as cold, persistent cough, and fever, attributed to the flu virus. 

According to Dr. Monaben Desai, a pediatrician and neonatologist, the rapid fluctuation in temperature has intensified the severity of viral infections, leading to an increased prevalence of cold, cough, and fever among children. Typically, these symptoms subside within 5-6 days, but due to the heightened virulence, they may persist for 12 to 15 days. Moreover, the alternating cold and warm temperatures throughout the day exacerbate the discomfort for children. 

Notably, cases of measles have also been reported alongside the viral infections. Previously, the government administered the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine, which helped control measles cases. However, over the past year, the administration of the MMR vaccine has ceased, leading to a resurgence of measles cases. The impact of measles continues to linger for a fortnight.

Rise in Swine Flu Cases: 173 Cases in 24 Days, 70% Increase Since Last March

In the past 24 days alone, Ahmedabad has recorded 173 cases of swine flu. Comparatively, last March saw only 100 cases reported. Swine flu manifests symptoms such as cold, cough, and fever, similar to seasonal flu. However, swine flu is now considered a seasonal flu. 

According to health department officials, the prolonged cold weather during the season has led to an increase in swine flu cases. As swine flu cases continue to rise, the situation hasn’t escalated to the point where a majority of patients require hospitalization. Treatment with common medications is usually effective against this illness. 

Doctors advise affected individuals to stay at home and wear masks to prevent spreading the virus to others. Increasing cases prompt public awareness campaigns aimed at preventing the spread of the virus. Efforts have also been made to raise awareness among the public to take precautionary measures. 

In addition to addressing swine flu cases, the health department is also dealing with 5 cases of swine flu and 2 cases of COVID-19 in the civil hospital. In severe cases of swine flu, patients may require ventilation and oxygen support.

Presence of Bacteria Detected in 60 Water Samples, 157 Failed Purification Tests

Ahmedabad: The city has recorded 855 cases of waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid, and cholera. There have been 4 cases of cholera reported recently. Over the past 3 months, 157 out of 2023 water samples have failed purification tests. 

The majority of failed samples, 98, were from the southern zone. In the last 24 days alone, waterborne diseases have affected 562 individuals with diarrhea, 85 with dysentery, 204 with typhoid, and 4 with cholera. It was observed in the recent water quality checks that 406 cases lacked chlorine content. 

Among the water samples tested in the last 24 days, bacteria were detected in 60 samples. The highest number of contaminated samples were found in Danilimda (32), Behrampura (24), Vatva (18), Lambha (11), Isanpur (6), and Maninagar (1). Additionally, Gomtipur (3), Viratnagar (3), Nikol (2), Saraspur (3), Kubernagar (2), Makarba (4), and Chandkheda (2) had bacteria-contaminated samples.

Presence of Bacteria in Water Samples in Southern Zone

In the southern zone, 98 out of 2024 water samples were found to contain bacteria. Below is a comparison of water sample results between 2024 and 2023 across various zones:

Zone2024 Samples2023 Samples

It’s notable that the southern zone has seen a significant decrease in the number of water samples compared to the previous year.

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