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Horrific Incident: 3 Couples Served Acidic Mouth Freshener: Lead Found in Vomits, 5 Hospitalized, Hotel Manager Arrested

In Haryana’s Gurugram, the police have apprehended the manager of a restaurant where five people fell ill after consuming mouth freshener. The manager is currently absconding.

On Tuesday, ACP Surendra Suren arrived to investigate the matter, and at that time, the restaurant was shut down. Police checked all the doors, but they were found locked. There is suspicion that the restaurant manager fled following the incident.

On Monday, three couples visited the Sapphire 90 La Foresta restaurant located in Gurugram for a meal. Among them were Ankit and his wife Neha, Manik and his wife Preetika, and Deepak Arora with his wife Himani. After dining, the female waiter at the restaurant, Amritpal Kaur, offered them mouth freshener.

Woman and young man applying ice after mouth irritation

Serious Health Complications Arise After Consumption of Dry Ice as Mouth Freshener

Ankit, separated from the group, was the only one who did not consume the mouth freshener offered. The remaining five individuals indulged in the mouth freshener, after which they began experiencing discomfort in their mouths. Soon, they started feeling numbness and began vomiting. As their conditions worsened, they inquired with the waiter about the contents of the mouth freshener. In response, the waiter opened a polythene packet before them.

Applying ice after mouth inflammation is seen

Subsequently, all of them were admitted to a private hospital. Among the five, two are in critical condition. The police have recorded Ankit’s statement. Doctors have confirmed that the couples were served dry ice as a mouth freshener, which proved to be toxic.

6 people came to eat at this restaurant in Gurugram.

Lack of Assistance from Restaurant Staff

Ankit mentioned that when they fell ill, the restaurant staff did not offer any assistance. Feeling helpless, he dialed emergency services at 100 to call the police. They awaited the arrival of an ambulance to accompany them. Later, they were all taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Police arrived at the restaurant around 11 am to investigate, but found all its doors locked

Arrested Suspect Resides in Delhi

Gurugram police have apprehended Gagandeep, a resident of Delhi, in connection with this case. It has been disclosed that Gagandeep was responsible for the management of the restaurant. He is currently residing in Delhi. The police are also searching for the restaurant owner, but they are currently at large.

The waiter informed the doctor that the packet provided was dry ice. Dry ice is a form of solid carbon dioxide, which can be harmful if ingested. It releases carbon dioxide gas as it sublimates, and consuming it can be dangerous to one’s health.

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