Air India Express Faces Employee Revolt: 82 Flights Canceled, 300 Employees Take Sick Leave

Air India Cancels Over 70 Flights from Tuesday Night to Wednesday Morning

Starting from Tuesday night until Wednesday morning, Air India has decided to cancel more than 70 flights. Following this, the company has advised its passengers arriving at the airport today, especially before boarding their flights, to obtain flight information. This is because many flights can still be canceled today.

In reality, the senior crew members of the airline owned by the Tata Group had taken collective leave. Due to the shortage of cabin staff, flights including those to Kochi, Kolkata, and Bengaluru had to be canceled. Civil aviation authorities are investigating this matter.

Affected Passengers to Receive Full Refund

Following the cancellation of flights, a spokesperson for Air India Express announced that some of our cabin crew members were reported ill at the last moment, resulting in several flights being disrupted and some being canceled. We are actively engaged in discussions with our crew to understand the underlying reasons, and our teams are actively working to minimize inconvenience to our passengers.

It has been communicated by the airline that passengers affected by the flight cancellations will receive a full refund from the airline or they will be able to reschedule their flights without any additional charges. Furthermore, it was advised by the spokesperson that passengers traveling with the airline on Wednesday should contact the carrier before arriving at the airport to confirm their flights, allowing them to make necessary arrangements.

Air India Express: Impact on Flights

Air India Express currently operates more than 70 aircraft and conducts over 2500 flights every week. The airline primarily focuses on serving the India-Middle East region.

In April, Vistara canceled 110 flights, and during the same period, over 160 flights were rescheduled. A spokesperson for the company stated, “Vistara is currently managing pilot shortages. In this situation, decisions have been made to reduce flights. Limited flights will operate until the pilot shortage is resolved. Passengers affected by canceled flights will also receive refunds.”

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