Airport Construction Initiated for Statue of Unity, Siddhpur, and Vadnagar: Feasibility Studies Commence at Three Sites

Following the inauguration of the Statue of Unity on October 31, 2018, discussions about airport development gained momentum. Though six years have passed since then, today, MLA Shailesh Mehta (Sotta) raised questions in the Legislative Assembly. In response, the Civil Aviation Minister informed that an airport, situated 12 kilometers from Kevadia, is in the works. Currently, efforts are underway for constructing an airport in Tilakwada. The possibility of airports in Siddhpur and Vadnagar is also being explored. Furthermore, the state government is conducting a feasibility study for connectivity to Narmada district’s Tilakwada for the Statue of Unity Airport.

Record-breaking Tourist Influx in 2023

In 2023, the Statue of Unity witnessed record-breaking tourist arrivals. In the past five years, approximately two crore visitors, both domestic and international, visited the site, marking a significant increase from the previous year’s tally of over 50 lakhs. By December 29, 2023, the footfall reached 50,29,147 tourists.

Introduction of New Attractions and Enhanced Facilities

Moreover, it was revealed that visitors to the Statue of Unity now enjoy newly added attractions, fostering memorable experiences with family and friends. This year, several new attractions have been introduced, alongside continuous improvement in transportation and the introduction of new amenities. The focus remains on enhancing traveler experiences, with increased emphasis on transportation facilities and the continuous addition of new amenities. Notably, the Chief Minister has directed the development of the Statue of Unity as an EV Zone and Dream Area, with 30 electric buses initiated by the Chief Minister.

Increased Tourism

Since December 23, 2023, tourist footfall has surged, with over four lakh visitors noted. Several factors contribute to this rise in tourist arrivals. Various attractions cater to different age groups, coupled with improved transportation facilities. Traditional tribal home stays have been upgraded for night halts, with 98 buses now available during holidays. Emphasis on cleanliness and well-maintained campuses, along with prioritizing local employment, contributes to both economic and social development.

Tourism Boom: 1,75,26,688 Tourists Registered in 5 Years

In the span of five years, a staggering total of 1,75,26,688 tourists were registered, marking a significant surge in tourism.

Year-wise Tourist Numbers

  • 2018: 4,53,020 tourists
  • 2019: 27,45,474 tourists
  • 2020: 12,81,582 tourists
  • 2021: 34,32,034 tourists
  • 2022: 45,84,789 tourists
  • 2023: 50,29,147 tourists*

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