Major Decision by State Government Regarding LRD Recruitment: New Rules Announced, No More Counting of Running Marks, Weightage Rule Abolished

The state government has made significant changes to the combined direct recruitment examination for various categories of constables, which previously included a physical test involving running. This test used to contribute to the overall score. Now, instead of evaluating running performance, the physical test will only serve as a qualifying criterion. There will be no marks awarded for this test anymore, and all candidates who pass the physical test will then be eligible to participate in the objective multiple-choice question (MCQ) test that follows.

The recruitment process for constables will now undergo a significant change. Previously, candidates who passed the physical test were required to take a 2-hour exam worth 100 marks, which included objective multiple-choice questions (MCQs). However, the new system will involve a single paper worth 200 marks, consisting of a 3-hour objective MCQ test. This test will be divided into Part-A and Part-B, and candidates must pass each part separately, with at least 40% marks required in each part.

Furthermore, the selection criteria have been revised based on the courses completed by candidates. Previously, candidates were awarded additional marks based on completing courses offered by the National Defense University or the National Forensic Sciences University. However, under the new system, additional marks will be awarded based on the duration of the course rather than the institution.

The additional marks for candidates based on the duration of the course are as follows:

  • 1 year: 3 marks
  • 2 years: 5 marks
  • 3 years: 8 marks
  • 4 years or more: 10 marks

The final merit list for the OBJECTIVE MCQ TEST will be prepared based on the performance in the test and the additional marks awarded according to the duration of the course completed by the candidates.

The upcoming new police recruitment will be carried out according to new rules. Here are the rules:

In the physical fitness test, now only running will be required to pass within the specified time.

The paper will now consist of a 200 marks OBJECTIVE MCQ TEST instead of the previous 100 marks MCQ TEST.

First, the practical test will be conducted, followed by the physical fitness test.

There will be changes in the subjects included in the syllabus.

Examinations will be conducted for courses related to Forensic Science and Defense Forces.

Running marks will not be considered.

Candidates who pass the practical exam will be eligible to take the objective exam.

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