Vermin Found in Shahibaug Swaminarayan Temple Restaurant’s Khichdi: Customer’s Shock Leads to Boycott

The renowned food brand “Premvati Restaurant” associated with the Swaminarayan Temple, which guarantees pure, clean, and sattvic food, has served a khichdi contaminated with insects. A person from Ahmedabad had ordered Moraiya khichdi from Premvati Restaurant situated in Shahibaug Swaminarayan Temple. Upon finding insects in the food, he complained to the present staff. Another person present there attempted to cover up the matter by trying to remove other objects, but the customer pointed out that no other object mattered as insects had been found in the khichdi. This incident was recorded on video and became viral on social media.

The restaurant has also been fined Rs. 10,000 by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Dr. Bhavin Joshi, the head of the Food Department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, revealed in an interview with Divya Bhaskar that they received a complaint regarding insects found in the khichdi served at Premvati Restaurant in Shahibaug. Following this complaint, the Food Department staff visited the restaurant and initiated the process of collecting samples of various items. As a result, the restaurant has been fined Rs. 10,000.

An insect was found in the snack khichdi.

A person named Akash Shukla viral a video on social media stating that he felt hungry, so he ordered a snack khichdi and bhel from Premvati Restaurant located near the Swaminarayan Temple in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad. When he was eating the Moraiya khichdi, he noticed a dead insect in it. He captured a photo and video of it and also informed the staff present there about the incident. He felt that it was necessary to lodge a complaint about this matter, so he did. Premvati Restaurant, located near the Swaminarayan Temple, is a well-known brand, and if such incidents occur, it can be very harmful to the health of the customers, so it is important for people to be aware.

Though there was no other object found, an insect was found. This incident is related to the video being viral on social media, which shows evidence of an insect or an insect found in Moraiya khichdi from Premvati Restaurant located in the Shahibaug area, adjacent to the Swaminarayan Temple. While conversing with the present staff, the customer says that this is in their bowl itself. It will be the same for everyone now. So, what should we do now? The insect was found in the Moraiya khichdi. Now, nothing matters. This is what we have to do now. The video of this incident, reported by the customer to the staff of Premvati Restaurant, became viral on social media.

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