Explore Gujarat’s 13 Island Escapes: Shiyal, Sawai, Kalabhar, Pirambat, & More to Feature Marine Parks, Museums, Bridges, Zip Lines!

The number of tourists visiting Gujarat is steadily on the rise, prompting the state government to implement plans to further attract international travelers. Following the success of Dwarka-Bet Dwarka, the government has turned its attention to Pirotan in the Jamnagar district and Shiyal-Sawai islands in the Amreli district. 

These islands, nestled in the Arabian Sea, hold immense potential to offer delightful experiences to visitors, hence the initiation of development plans. The government will first ensure accessibility to these islands and subsequently introduce various facilities. 

With diverse bird species and marine flora adding to their allure, these islands are poised for development. Moreover, to entice travelers, the tourism department will also enhance travel facilities accordingly, as per insider sources.

Development Strategy for Gujarat’s 144 Islands

Out of the total 144 islands in Gujarat, those spanning at least 50 hectares of land are earmarked for development. These selected islands are chosen with the criterion that they should not disrupt the natural marine ecosystem as they lack the infrastructure that could potentially be affected by coastal development. 

Choosing islands with less than 50 hectares of land prevents the risk of jeopardizing the developed amenities if water levels rise due to coastal erosion. Therefore, not all islands have been selected for development to mitigate the potential risks and preserve the delicate balance of coastal ecosystems.

Attractions of Avian Diversity on Pirotan Island

Pirotan Island spans an area of approximately 99.78 hectares and is accessible by boat from Bedi Bandar in Jamnagar, taking about two and a half hours to reach. Although freshwater is not readily available on the island, its natural beauty makes it a prime candidate for development. 

Plans include the construction of a jetty, with its location currently under consideration. Additionally, Pirotan features a lighthouse and is best visited between November and March when the weather is favorable. 

Once the jetty is constructed, visitors can easily access the island. Moreover, the entire team had to carry their own drinking water due to the unavailability of freshwater on the island.

Plans for a Marine Park and Archaeological Museum on Shiyal-Sawai Island

Shiyal-Sawai Island, spanning 74 hectares in the Amreli district, is accessible by boat from the nearby Pipavav Port. Comprising both Shiyal and Sawai islands, it is collectively referred to as Shiyal-Sawai Island. 

Accessible by boat from the Pipavav Port, which serves around 5,000 residents, the island is a potential hotspot for tourism development. Plans are underway to establish a marine park and an archaeological museum on the island, capitalizing on its natural beauty and historical significance.

The following 13 islands have been earmarked for development:

From Dwarka District: Kalubhar, Panero, Ajad (Azaad), Bhayadhar, Gandhiyokado, Rozi, and Nora.

From Bhavnagar District: Piram Bet.

From Anand District: Valvod.

These islands are part of a development plan aimed at enhancing their tourism potential and infrastructure.

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