IndiGo, Air India Planes Collide: Wing Breaks, IndiGo Pilots Removed From Duty – Kolkata Airport

On Wednesday, there was a collision between an IndiGo flight and an Air India plane parked at Kolkata Airport. Both planes suffered damages, with a portion of the wing of the Air India flight being broken.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has ordered an investigation into the incident. Meanwhile, both the pilot and co-pilot of IndiGo have been relieved from duty.

IndiGo’s flight was scheduled to fly to Chennai. Authorities stated that the incident involved IndiGo’s A320 VT-ISS flight and Air India Express 737 VT-TGG.

The IndiGo flight was preparing for takeoff to Chennai and was taxiing on the runway when it collided with the parked Air India aircraft. As a result, the wing of the aircraft was damaged.

Officials stated, “We have issued orders to investigate this matter, and both IndiGo airlines’ pilots have been placed off-roster.” Ground staff will also be questioned during the investigation. Both flights were halted for inspection.

IndiGo stated that they had received information about the normal collision incident. IndiGo and other aircraft at Kolkata Airport were informed about the normal collision incident. The flight was halted for inspection. Consequently, IndiGo’s flight 6E 6152 to Kolkata and Darbhanga was diverted. A report of the incident will be submitted to DGCA as per protocol.

Controversial Incidents of IndiGo Flight within a Year

In one year, there have been four controversial incidents involving IndiGo flights…

During an IndiGo flight, a female passenger shared a photo of a seat without a seatbelt on social media.

March 7, 2024: On March 7th this year, during an IndiGo flight from Bengaluru to Bhopal, a woman was given a seat without Dunlop. This incident occurred on flight 6E 6465. After the photo went viral, IndiGo had to provide clarification. The woman passenger responded to the airline’s post, stating that the Dunlop was removed for cleaning purposes.

November 17, 2023: Last year in November, two IndiGo planes came dangerously close to each other at Delhi Airport during landing. Both flights received traffic alerts and collision avoidance system (TACAS) alerts in the flight deck, after which the planes changed their routes.

June 15, 2023: On June 15th at Ahmedabad Airport, the rear part of an IndiGo plane collided with the ground during landing. Flight 6E6595 was arriving from Bengaluru to Ahmedabad. Following this incident, DGCA ordered the pilots to be relieved from duty.

June 11, 2023: On June 11th at Delhi Airport, the rear part of an IndiGo plane collided with the ground during landing. The IndiGo aircraft A321-252NX (Neo), flight number 6E-6183, was arriving from Kolkata to Delhi. This incident occurred on Runway 27 at Delhi Airport.

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