Mumbai to Receive Goods from Russia in 10 Days: Rail Routes Linked to Iran, Putin Assures Swift Connectivity

After the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, Russia’s trade with Europe has declined. In this situation, Moscow has increased trade with India, China, and Middle Eastern countries. Now, Russia is working on infrastructure projects, which could reduce its dependence on Western countries entirely.

According to a report by The New York Times, its largest portion is a 165-kilometer long railway line, costing about 14,000 crore rupees, which will connect Russia with Iran’s ports. This will make it quite easy to reach Mumbai from cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia. For this project, Russia is also providing Iran with a loan of approximately 11,000 crore rupees.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that with the new route, the travel time for cargo from St. Petersburg to Mumbai will be reduced from 30 to just 10 days. Russian officials are considering it a revolutionary project that will challenge the Suez Canal.

New Rail Link to Connect Iran with Russia

The railway line project is expected to be completed by 2028. The new railway line will connect the Iranian cities of Astara and Rasht. It will link the tracks in northern Iran and Azerbaijan with Russia’s railway grid. The completion of this railway link is anticipated by 2028. This railway forms a part of the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC), spanning 7200 kilometers.

Through this railway route, it will become easier for Russian industrialists to reach countries like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Pakistan beyond India. Additionally, it will offer new options for trading routes between Russia and China.

India-Russia Trade Increased by 4 Times in 2 Years

According to The New York Times, Russia’s trade with China has increased by 61% from 2021 to 2023, reaching ₹19.88 trillion. Similarly, trade between Russia and India has quadrupled in the same period, surpassing ₹5.38 trillion. The trade between both countries has seen significant growth amid the Ukraine conflict, preceding a surge in trade with the European Union (EU).

As per Maritime News specialist Lloyd’s List, trade routes between Russia and Iran through Central Asia and the Caspian Sea have remained crucial amidst the ongoing conflict. There is a growing demand to revive the railway line connecting Russia with the former Soviet rail network, extending towards Iran. Additionally, Moscow seeks to connect with Azerbaijan and Armenia, extending towards Iran and Turkey. This railway line was abandoned during the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the 1990s.

Russia Buying Machinery from India and Arms from Iran

In order to circumvent Western trade sanctions, Russia has explored many routes, including buying machinery from India and arms from Iran. Apart from this, there is a significant import of essential items related to the daily lives of ordinary people from Gulf countries and Turkey. It is crucial for the Russian government to convey this message to the affected population, especially after the Ukraine conflict, to ensure the preservation of their way of life.

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