Sabarmati Express Derails in Ajmer: 6 Trains Cancelled, Routes Altered

In a sudden incident on Sunday night in Ajmer, the engine and four carriages of Sabarmati-Agra Cantt (Train No. 12548) derailed. Passengers were sitting in the train when the incident occurred. With each jolt, panic spread throughout the train. Fortunately, there were no casualties in this accident. As a result of the incident, five trains have been canceled and diverted from their routes.

ADRM Baldevram stated – This accident occurred about 7 kilometers ahead of Madar, from Ajmer Railway Junction. The Superfast Sabarmati Express had departed from the platform at 1:04 am on Sunday night. The engine and four general coaches derailed from the platform. Help desks have been set up at Ajmer Junction by the railway authorities. The helpline number 0145-2429642 has been made public.

The following trains have been canceled:

Train number 12065, Ajmer-Delhi Sarai Rohilla, on 18.03.24.
Train number 22987, Ajmer-Agra Fort, on 18.03.24.
Train number 09605, Ajmer-Gangapur City, on 18.03.24.
Train number 09639, Ajmer-Revadi, on 18.03.24.
Train number 19735, Jaipur-Marwar, on 18.03.24.
Train number 19736, Marwar-Jaipur, on 18.03.24.

The routes of the following trains have been changed:

  1. Train number 12915, Sabarmati-Delhi-Dorai-Madar (except Ajmer) has been rerouted.
  2. Train number 17020, Hyderabad-Hisar-Adarsh Nagar-Madar (except Ajmer) has been rerouted.

The train departed on time

ADRM Baldevaram informed that the train departed from Ahmedabad to Sabarmati on time. It is possible that some inconvenience may occur to the goods train. However, the reason for it has not yet been determined. An express train had been moved from the platform to the adjacent track. Passengers have been sent to Ajmer Railway Station. There is no information available about anyone being injured in this accident.

Chief Public Relations Officer, North Western Railway, Captain Shashikiran stated that track restoration work is underway. Train operation has resumed on the down line.

This incident also occurred three months ago

About three months ago, Ajmer’s Madar Railway Yard had a similar incident where four tracks of the Ajmer-Sialdah Express were derailed. The train was empty. No major casualties occurred in this situation. This was caused due to the rolling stock hitting the rollover while applying the brakes for safety. Railway officials reached the scene after receiving information and put the train back on the tracks.

More than 300 employees and officials are involved in the rescue operation related to the accident. The tracks will be repaired by evening. Currently, the stalled trains are being moved to other tracks. General Manager of Railways Amitabh, DRM Rajiv Dhanakar, and other officials are present at the site. A committee of three officials has been formed to investigate the accident.

The train departed at 7:30 in the morning

The train departed from Sabarmati for Agra Cantt on Sunday at 4:55 PM. It reached Ajmer at 12:40 PM. It departed from Ajmer Railway Station at 12:50 PM in the afternoon. This incident occurred at Madar (Ajmer) at 1:04 PM. The train was scheduled to depart from Ajmer at 7:28 AM. Due to the incident, the train is running approximately 7 hours late from Ajmer.

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