Nokia 105 Classic Debuts at ₹999: UPI Payments Sans Internet, 1-Year Free Replacement Warranty

Nokia has launched a new feature phone in India called the Nokia 105 Classic, which is equipped with a keypad, catering to people who prefer such mobile devices. The company has set the starting price for the Nokia 105 Classic at 999 Indian Rupees. According to the company, the Nokia 105 Classic will be available in two models. One model will have a single SIM slot, while the other model will offer a dual SIM card option. The price for the second model has not been announced yet. Users can purchase this Nokia feature phone in both charcoal and blue colors.

In addition to that, Nokia is also offering a one-year free replacement guarantee with this feature phone. This means that if the phone develops any defects or issues within a year of purchase, the customer will receive a brand-new mobile phone as a replacement.

You can make UPI payments without the need for the internet using this feature. The Nokia 105 Classic supports UPI 123PAY, which allows you to carry out UPI transactions on your phone even without an internet connection. You can send and receive money using this feature.

It also comes with a wireless FM radio, and you can use it wirelessly with headphones that have a jack. For backup, the phone is equipped with an 800mAh battery, which, when fully charged, can keep the phone running for many days. Nokia has not yet shared all the phone’s features up to now.

Arvind Amble

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