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WhatsApp’s New Feature: Highlight Incoming Calls During Ongoing Ones – What to Do?

Millions of people use WhatsApp for audio or video calls. However, some flaws are always noticeable. In such situations, companies also provide new features to enhance people’s experiences. Now, working on bringing more new features by understanding people’s problems, they are working on bringing a new feature that will highlight a new call when someone is already on a call. From there, the person can mute or end the call and it won’t be necessary to go to the main screen. According to reports, WhatsApp’s calling interface on mobile has a mini-screen version, ensuring that you can stay on the messaging app’s main interface without being interrupted by calls. This feature is currently available for limited testers on Android, but expectations are high that as tools develop and bugs get fixed, it will become more widely available.

New Feature to Provide Quick Responses

WhatsApp is also testing a new function that will allow users to respond to media instantly. Last year in September, developers had requested a new reply bar for the app’s media viewer, but now the latest beta of the media viewer announces the addition of a react bar. When you open a photo or video on WhatsApp, you will see a separate bar below where you can comment on the media. Alongside the bar, there will be a button to provide responses, which when tapped will display various emojis.

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